A day in the life

Now that Jacob is more awake and alert during the day, I am often trying to find new ways to entertain him.  He no longer will tolerate you sitting and snuggling with him (except at the end of the day we do get some good snuggle time), he needs to be up and moving around.  So we have a variety of things we do for entertainment around here in between feedings, naps and diaper changes.  Usually we start our day with a conversation at the changing table about what we are going to do for the day.  Jacob has found his voice and when I pause from talking he answers me with his newfound coos and sounds and plenty of smiles. That is by far my favorite time of day 🙂

One of Jacob’s favorites is the Bumbo chair. I love this, because it supports him so he can sit upright.  I put it in front of the mirror so he can look at his own reflection.

Gasp! Who is that baby??

IMG_8494edIMG_8513edWe play with his rattle (which we named Frankie the Fish, which to me kind of sounds like a mafia name?), and a squeaky giraffe (Georgie the Giraffe). When he is done playing with toys we like to read a book, a favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see.

Hey mom, see that book over there, come on, open it up.

IMG_8509edOf course he always gets captivated by the reflection of the fan in the mirror so I turn the Bumbo around so he can see the fan, and watch the dog walking around the room.

Hey mom did you know there’s a black dog walking around behind you?

IMG_8518edThere is also a shelf for the Bumbo that will come in handy when we start introducing foods to Jacob.  For now we use it for more toys.

Hmmmm let’s see…how does this one work?

IMG_8542edAhhh I get it…but I would rather watch the fan

IMG_8538edThen there is the activity mat.  Jacob has come a long way from his earlier days of tummy time and we continue to work at it everyday.  I also put this in front of the mirror to encourage Jacob to look up at himself.

IMG_8554ed IMG_8587edOther times I roll a ball back and forth in front of him while he is doing tummy time to work on hand eye coordination.

IMG_8697ed IMG_8694edWhen mom needs a few minutes to do something my go to was the mobile to entertain Jacob, which he still enjoys, but now we’ve upgraded…Jacob has been kicking his legs so much lately, I went to get a jumper so all of his kicking could be put to good use!


He loves it and is very content playing in it for a good amount of time which allows me time to get some work done while he is entertaining himself (that is if I can pry myself away from watching him, he is pretty entertaining!)


We also enjoy getting some fresh air so we put the leash on Apollo and take him for a walk. Apollo really enjoys this part of the day!

IMG_8718edAnd that is a day in the life of this 4 month old!


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