The Fan vs The Mobile

At first I was not planning on getting a mobile for Jacob’s crib, I figured I would have the bouncy seat & swing that have things dangling down for him to look at and play with.  I really didn’t think I would lay him in his crib that often to watch a mobile spin around.  One day when he started waking up to the world around him, he started paying attention to the things hanging from the ceiling.  He still to this day LOVES to giggle and talk to the light hanging over the kitchen table regardless if it is turned on or not, it is his best friend. When I lay him in his crib to get him dressed I noticed him looking up at the letters we have hanging on the wall over his crib and if he is looking the other way he is absolutely captivated by the ceiling fan. I began to think that buying a mobile would be a good idea, it could entertain him while I am getting him dressed and he could lay in the crib and watch the mobile while I pick up around his room.  So $50 later he has a Noah’s Ark mobile spinning over his crib.IMG_7937

It has a mommy and daddy set of lions, monkeys, elephants and zebras.  Does he like it? Sure!

IMG_7922I would even go as far to say he loves it.  He spends plenty of time cooing and giggling at the animals going around.  But… if he gets a glimpse of the ceiling fan out of the corner of his eye,

IMG_7839forget the mobile he’s watching the fan.

IMG_7942Again, regardless if it is turned on or not the fan is waaaay cooler than the mobile.  If he is fussy, I turn on the fan and he starts to calm down. It has kind of become part of our bedtime routine…when he doesn’t want to go to sleep I turn on the fan, it catches his attention and it almost hypnotizes him and he watches it spin around until he can’t keep his eyes open anymore. I should have saved myself the $50 and hung some stuffed animals from the fan…but then that wouldn’t even be necessary, just a simple fan will do for this dude.

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