8 hours

There’s a lot of things you can get done in an 8 hour time frame.  8 hours is a full day of work for most people, you can do some serious shopping, or cleaning, or traveling for 8 hours can get you to some fun destinations.  My favorite thing to do for 8 hours these days is sleep, and that is exactly what Jacob has done for the past 2 nights!  Hallelujah!  I’m praying that it lasts, or at least for a while…

Here’s our happy, rested 13 week old!

13 wks - 8442ed

3 thoughts on “8 hours

    • Hi Sue! We miss you hope all is going well! The 8 hours was short lived…we”re back to 6 hours now, still I can”t complain. 🙂

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