Apparently being born on a Sunday means your weekly “birthdays” fall on a lot of holidays, at least that has been the case so far…Jacob was 1 month old on Superbowl Sunday (ok technically that’s not a holiday, maybe it should be?), he was 10 weeks old on St. Patrick’s Day and then he turned 12 weeks old on Easter Sunday! Our 3 month old is starting to get the hang of this picture thing and instead of giving us the how did I get stuck with these crazy people as my parents look…he started cracking a smile and I caught a glimpse of it with my camera.

IMG_7963edA few things…Jacob has found his voice and has been babbling a lot lately.  He still loves his hands and is trying to figure out how to get both fists into his mouth.  Everyone says that babies eye color stops changing around 3 months, if that is the case, then Jacob’s eyes are a blue grey.  Now we are guessing what color his hair will be?  And our 15 lb 3 month old is wearing 6 month old clothes already!

Our Easter weekend was fun and filled with family and friends.  My grandma was on a little Spring Break and was staying at my Aunt & Uncle’s house for a few days.  So on Friday, Jacob and I drove to Oceanside so he could spend some time with his Oma.


On Saturday we packed up the car and drove to the desert.  On the way we made a stop at Vista Point to feed the baby, change his diaper, walk the dog and clean up all the dog throw up in the backseat.  While we were there we took in the view and showed Jacob the town that we both grew up in…he was more interested in trying to get his fist into his mouth.

IMG_7984edOnce we arrived, Jacob’s Aunt Stacey & Sue and cousin Lisa and her family were there and we had a great afternoon visiting with them.


Unfortunately, what Justin thought was allergies he had been fighting turned out to be some kind of 48 hour bug so he was in bed for most of the day.  On Sunday morning he was feeling a little bit better and we were able to get a family picture for Jacob’s first Easter.

IMG_8000edThat afternoon more family and friends came to visit, first up were Judy & Karen



When it came time for Sarah to hold him she knew exactly how to make Jacob happy… stand up while holding him, he gets a little restless if you are sitting down.


And we were so happy to see Monica and her contagious smile 🙂


Since Justin was still not feeling 100% he was not allowed to get too close to Jacob, so Apollo enjoyed being back in first place for a day and soaked up all the attention he could get.


It was a wonderful weekend with friends and family celebrating our risen Lord. Happy Easter!

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said ~ Matthew 28:6

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