17 weeks

We’ve been busy!  My mom was in town for a week, we celebrated my grandma’s 90th (!) birthday, my mom’s birthday and we had Jacob’s baby dedication at church.  Then Monday morning after all that I woke up with a sore throat and have been fighting a cold all week.  So I am a bit behind and have lots to share with you, but first, I’m a little late in posting this weeks picture and wanted to get it up before next weeks picture 🙂

17 weeks
IMG_8972edWe had Jacob’s 4 month check up on Thursday and his doctor is very pleased with his progress.  He is a happy, healthy baby boy! Jacob had a little discomfort with his shots at this visit.  He was clingy and grumpy the rest of the day, I ended up giving him some baby Tylenol and by bath time that night he was smiling again.

  • Jacob weighs 15 lbs 4 oz (45th percentile)
  • Jacob is now 26 inches long (84th percentile)
  • The circumference of his head is 16.25 inches (60th percentile)

This week Jacob has shown an increased interest in his toys and instead of just looking at them he is reaching for them and of course putting them in his mouth once he gets a hold of them.  With the exception of a few nights here and there he is still sleeping great, anywhere from 8-11 hours at a time.

Have a great weekend & I’ll be back with more soon!

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