A day in the life (part 3)

With the upcoming arrival of little baby brother, I thought I would do another installment of a day in the life of Jacob before he has to start sharing the spotlight on this blog.  I did the first one when he was 4 months old, and then again when he was almost 15 months old.  It is so fun to go back and look at these pictures and see how much he has grown in these past two years!

After the first of the year Jacob started two new things, preschool and soccer.  He is only going to preschool two mornings a week but he loves it.  I remember leading up to his first day how I had such mixed emotions.  I was excited at the prospect of having 4 hours two days a week to myself!  Who knew I could be so excited about going grocery shopping alone!  And being able to sit at my computer and actually get work done without Jacob trying to “help” me reply to an email or order something from Amazon.  But I was also feeling very sad, as much as I love the idea of a little break, I was also worried about missing my little guy.  For two years we have spent all day, every day together and I was a little sad about dropping him off somewhere.  Not to mention the fear of will he be okay, are his teachers responsible, how will he handle not having one on one attention, etc…But I also knew it would be so good for him to have the interaction with other kids, it gives him a chance to learn things that I may not be doing with him at home, and practice listening and following direction (especially since he doesn’t seem to be doing that with me these days…).

When I drop him off in the morning he doesn’t like it when I leave, but his teachers tell me that about a minute after I am gone, he is fine.  They have playtime outside on the playground, they have circle time where they sit on the rug and read stories, sing songs, talk about the weather, the calendar and every month is focused on a color and shape.  It is a Christian school so there is a bible lesson every week and a theme for the month.  They wash their hands and pray before snack time and lunch.  He loves his teacher and she loves him and the fact that she is learning sign language from him to add to what she already knows.  So far it has been a great experience and we already have quite the collection of all his artwork!

Soccer has been so much fun!  We actually just finished our last class last week.  It is a Mommy and Me class and it is getting a little hard for me to participate physically with my big belly in the way, so after little brother arrives and gets settled in a bit we will be starting this up again.  Soccer has been another great way for Jacob to interact with other kids and listen and follow direction (he is so good at it with everyone else, how can I get him to do this at home!! I know all you seasoned moms are laughing at me…) There were a couple occasions when daddy was able to join us so I let him participate and I brought my camera to take some pictures.  These classes are not just soccer, they are full of lots of active activities.  They practice dribbling the ball down the field and into the goal posts.

IMG_2414ed IMG_2420ed IMG_2546ed

They learn how to sit on the ball and wait their turn.

IMG_3590ed IMG_2423ed


They build towers with cones and kick the ball at them to knock them over.

IMG_2518ed IMG_2521ed


They have streamers and sing songs that have moves for the kids to jump around and dance to.

IMG_2486ed IMG_2541ed

They have a variety of sporting equipment to practice with (hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets, etc…)

IMG_2424ed IMG_2496ed IMG_2500ed IMG_2503ed

There are fun games with the parachute and then they practice picking up.


Each class ends with stickers and hugs for everyone from the coach.  We can’t wait to start this up again Jacob loves it!

We still frequent the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park and the Birch Aqarium.  Jacob loves his animals and making the sounds they do.  He is really into letters and numbers right now and every time we go shopping he likes to state the number of the aisle as we go up and down.  He points to letters in the alphabet and says them.  Anytime he sees an X he thinks it is the train crossing symbol and starts saying Choo-choo and signing train.

Nap time has become kind of a struggle these days…Jacob is still an amazing sleeper during the night no matter what kind of day he had or how he is feeling.  But naps have become hit and miss for the past two months.  He will go several days (weeks) without taking a nap, then all of a sudden go back to napping for a few days, then back to not napping.  It has made for some long and tiring days for this momma, and the days that he does nap is quite the cause for celebration around here!

Jacob’s days of being an only child and the in the center of attention are numbered.  I am really trying to treasure this time with him and I am so thankful that I was able to be home with him these last two years.  I know his little brother will bring a whole nother level of love, joy, exhaustion and activity into our lives and we can’t wait!

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