A day in the life (part 2)

When Jacob was 4 months old, I did a post about some things we would do throughout the day (by the way, I looked back on this post and omigosh (!) I had forgotten what a little chunky monkey he was!!)  Almost a year later at almost 15 months old, those activities have obviously changed dramatically.  His toys only keep him busy for a short time and when we are not headed out the door somewhere, I find myself having to get creative to keep Jacob entertained when at home. He has really started taking an interest in what I am doing, so household chores have become his favorite thing to “help” me with.

For example, doing laundry…When I run the washing machine and sort the laundry, he likes to “help” me put clothes in different piles, and he will also sort his own balls, pieces of his train tracks, and other various toys into the laundry basket, so I have to be careful that I don’t toss a toy in with a load!  When the clothes are clean and ready to go in the dryer, Jacob likes to help me load them in.

IMG_7040edAfter I check to make sure he didn’t toss a toy in when I wasn’t looking, I tell him it is time to close the door and he makes a beeline for the back of the door.

IMG_7043edAnd with one strong push, he swings the door.

IMG_7046edSometimes he needs a second push to ensure it is really closed.

IMG_7049edAnd after he gives himself a round of applause for a job well done, I push the start button and he puts his hand on the dryer to feel the vibration.

Once the load is dry, he likes to help me hang the clothes up.  We have a basket that we keep our unused hangers in (because I really don’t like unused hangers taking up space in my closet).  So he sits on the bed and takes all the hangers out of the basket

IMG_7002edThen he hands them to me

IMG_7003ed IMG_7009edAnd if I don’t take it from him right away and tell him thank you, he gets mad

IMG_7019edAfter he has given me all the hangers, he likes to put them all back into the basket.

IMG_7023edHe loves the basket of hangers and it is one of his favorite things to play with whether or not we are doing laundry.

When Jacob does actually play with his toys, his favorite ones are the ones that make music so he can boogie along to the tune and anything that he can stack up, knock down and put things inside of and take things out.  So we have a lot of nesting toys, balls, shape sorters and toys that play music.  He is so proud of himself when he fits something through the shape sorters or he delights in piling everything into a bucket and then dumping it out or finding a ball that will fit into a cup just right.  It is pretty cool to watch him figure these things out.  I have a bag of balls that we used at his birthday party and one day I got a bunch of them out and gave them to Jacob with a muffin pan.

IMG_6952edHe was delighted that he found something new that the balls fit perfectly into.  And he would fill up the muffin pan with balls and then look at me with a big grin and clap his hands.

IMG_6961edNow the novelty of it has worn off, but Justin showed him the art of throwing the balls in hopes that it lands in one of the muffin pan holes.  I guess it would be the baby version of beer pong! So now we have these balls all over our floor from Jacob throwing them across the room.

IMG_6954edThe one thing that has not changed from the daily activities we do are our walks.


All 3 of us enjoy getting out of the house, getting some fresh air, enjoying the beautiful weather San Diego has to offer and the exercise (at least for Apollo and I)


Jacob likes to kick back, relax and eat his snacks…Apollo has gotten pretty good at catching whatever Jacob throws out of the stroller.


Aside from playing with toys, walks and household chores, we have been keeping ourselves busy with getting together with other moms & kids, storytime at the library, running errands, daily walks to the park and we’ve been meeting with some MOM’s groups to get to know some new people and find new activities to do. Every day is a little different and we are keeping ourselves busy!

Stay tuned for more about Jacob’s favorite things to do…I’ve been taking the pictures, now I just need to get them on here!

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