The Playground

What little child doesn’t enjoy time spent at a playground!  We are lucky to have a few of them within walking distance.  If we don’t have some kind of big outing planned or errands to run then we always go to the playground, it is part of our typical day.

The first thing we do when we arrive is hit the swings.

IMG_7132edThis usually doesn’t last too long, he gets ansty to cover the playground territory and climb all over everything.  But he does enjoy it for a little while.


Actually now, his favorite way to “swing” is to stand up holding onto the seat of an adult swing and move back and forth and side to side with it.  I call it dancing with the swing.

This particular day was a Saturday morning, there is no way I could take pictures and chase Jacob around the park by myself, so we had daddy with us.  Jacob was delighted to have his daddy on the playground!




We spend a little time playing in the sand

IMG_7188ed IMG_7179edOf course, Jacob thinks that the other kids toys are way cooler than his…

IMG_7176edWhen he is ready for some real exercise Jacob heads for the big play structure and starts the climb


He likes to spin the rocket ship through the solar system.

IMG_7249ed IMG_7236ed

Then he heads over to the top of the slide

IMG_7222edand either sits in my lap while we go down or he lays down on his belly and slides down backwards by himself.


At the bottom of the slide, he immediately scoots himself off and starts the climb back to the top again.  We do this over, and over, and over again!  It’s good exercise chasing him around!

The tricky thing about the playground now is when we are on a walk with the dog, I have to remember to go a different route that does not pass by the playground, because if we don’t stop to play when we pass by, Jacob gets a little upset!


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