The Dishwasher

On a typical morning, I will unload the dishwasher after we have breakfast.  And when Jacob hears the click of me opening the dishwasher, he drops what he is doing and makes a beeline for it.

IMG_7287edHe loves to help me unload and takes his job very seriously.

IMG_7296edI quickly put away the wine glasses and other more fragile, breakable items before he can get to them.


So far nothing has been broken


And he is so happy to help me out around the house these days, can’t wait until he learns how to take out the trash or mop the floors!


Ugh mom…if only I could reach those knives for you all the way in the back


Moving on to the top rack


Another activity that Jacob likes to do everyday (sometimes multiple times a day) is rearrange the pantry.


He empties boxes of crackers and puts other items back inside the empty box.  Things on the bottom shelf end up on the middle shelf or the other way around.  It makes it interesting when I go to look for something in the pantry that is not in its usual spot.  But hey, who knew shaking containers of rice or even driving a can of diced tomatoes across the floor like a car could be so much fun!



There is a reason I included this on the dishwasher post.  On this particular day while rearranging the pantry, Jacob thought that the soup cans would be better off in the dishwasher.

IMG_7357edHe spent quite some time arranging them so they fit just right


IMG_7387edAnd he is pretty proud of his hard work


And letting him play in the pantry sometimes ends up like this…


Guess we are having pasta for dinner!

4 thoughts on “The Dishwasher

  1. I miss those days! I love how he put the canned goods in the dishwasher and is so proud of himself. I admire your style of mothering!! Miss you!! xoxoxo

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