Last week Jake had his 18 month check up with his pediatrician (even though he is 19 months old.)  He is doing great and his pediatrician is very happy with his progress.

Since his last check up he has gained 2 pounds and now weighs 23 lbs 13 oz he also grew 2 inches and is now 33 inches tall.

A few things about Jake that he has been doing over the last few months…

The slide…He has loved the playground for a long time.  The swing has never really been a fascination for him and he only lasts for about 30 seconds before he wants down, most of the time I don’t even bother putting him in the swing.  He doesn’t like being confined where he can’t move around.  He prefers to climb all over everything, play in the sand and run around.  The slide was okay, but nothing really exciting to him, until about a month ago.  He decided that climbing to the top of the structure, sitting at the top of the slide, waiting for my “1…2…3…GO!”, sliding down and jumping up to do it again, and again, and again is his favorite thing to do all day long!  Then, one day when we arrived at the playground there were three older boys hurling their toy cars down the slide then going down after them and Jake watched them with such fascination before joining in on the fun.  Now when we go to the playground I have to remember to bring one of his cars so he can chase it down the slide.

Climbing…Jake has been climbing up on small things for a while now, but lately he is taking it to another level.  I’ve been showing him how to climb the ladders at the playgrounds so he has been putting that knowledge to work at home.  Which means he is now climbing up onto our bed, couch, rocking chair and even my dresser.  So now I am kind of back to the stage of not being able to take my eyes off him for very long. I am just praying that he doesn’t start trying to climb out of his crib anytime soon!

Stairs…Around 10 or 11 months, Jake was climbing up the stairs and we taught him how to scoot down the stairs backwards, as well as scooting down off the bed or couch, etc…Now he only wants to hold onto the railing or my hand and walk up and down the stairs the “normal” way.

Clingy…I’ve heard that around the age of two kids tend to get a bit fearful and clingy.  Jake is already there.  He is very clingy and only wants me most of the time. I am not able to leave him at the nursery at church, so I’ve been spending my Sunday mornings playing with the kids.  I know it is common with stay at home moms, and other moms keep reassuring me that this stage will pass and just give it more time.  On one hand I am getting a little tired of it because it is difficult to leave him with anyone (other than people he knows well) for any amount of time.  On the other hand, it makes me feel good knowing that he trusts me and feels safe with me and wants me with him. It tells me that I am doing something right.  And I am enjoying it because I know there will come a day when he is older and I will be wishing I could snuggle with him on the chair and read him stories and play with him.

Helping…Jake is really interested in everything I am doing.  Instead of playing with his toys he would rather participate in daily household chores with me.  So I’ve been putting him to work.  You remember how he loves to help unload the dishwasher, well, he has been watching where I put everything away for so long that he now puts some things away himself.  If I stand by the cabinet where we keep the dishes and bowls, he will bring them to me (one by one) while I put them away.  He opens the silverware drawer and puts away all the knives, forks and spoons.  Granted they are not in the correct slots, but hey, they are in the right drawer! He also opens the drawer where I keep the other cooking utensils and puts them away, as well as the cabinet where the cutting boards and baking pans go. The only problem is he doesn’t understand that some dishes are dirty and need to stay in the dishwasher, if I try to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher he starts putting them away.  So I have to wait to load the dirty dishes when he is asleep.  When we go shopping for groceries, he turns around and grabs things out of the cart and hands them to the checker at Trader Joe’s, or puts them on the conveyor belt at any other store.  When we get home he loves to unload everything out of the bags and will often be taking things off the shelves of the fridge or pantry while I am trying to put things away.  Anytime we drive anywhere, he pushes the button to open/close the garage door, he reaches for the handle to open the car door and helps push it close.  He likes to push the button to start the coffee in the morning and he watches me fill up the blender when making smoothies and likes to push the buttons on the blender too, and the microwave.  He will also put his fork in the sink after he eats and I’ve been working on teaching him to put his toys away. Good thing he doesn’t know what an allowance is yet!

Screaming…Jake has been experimenting with exactly how loudly he can scream.  Most of the time he is not necessarily upset about anything he is just making noise and testing his volume control.  It started out when he was upset with something and he was following me around screaming trying to get a reaction out of me and then he realized that screaming wasn’t getting him anything, so he started doing it just for fun because he could.  And if we are upstairs in one of the bedrooms he will run to the mirror to watch himself as he is screaming.  It is kind of cute!

Teeth…He has been a teething machine!  In the last four months 7 of his teeth came in including all four of his first year molars.  Thankfully, his teething has not disrupted his night time sleep (he is still our champion sleeper!), but it will disrupt his nap time every once in a while which has made for some long days.

Signing…Jake has been a sponge and is soaking up sign language like crazy! I recently started writing down the words he signs and right now he knows at least 45 words, I am sure there are more that I forgot.  That doesn’t include the words that he understands if I sign to him.  Often when I sign something to him that he doesn’t know, he will grab my hands and and want me to show him how to manipulate his hands to do the sign.  It is SO cool to see the wheels turning in his brain and it is confirmation to me that he is understanding the things I am telling him or reading to him.

And even though he was 19 months at his check up, I’ve been saving this picture that I took when he was 18 months to mark his year and a half, for this post.

IMG_9154edThe weekly thing was totally doable for the first year, even though it started getting tricky the last few months. But omigosh!  This was pretty impossible to do, not to mention Justin was not home to help distract him. Most of them turned out like this…

IMG_9150ed IMG_9133edHe was having so much fun playing with his two pals

IMG_9131ed IMG_9136ed IMG_9143edSo the elephant and the giraffe will be showing their faces every 6 months now, you’ll see them again when he’s 2.


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