Being a stay at home mom means I am always trying to find new things to do with Jake.  We are lucky to live where we can be outside 95% of the time so the beach, zoo, parks and the pool are easy favorites.  But we are always interested in doing something different.  A while ago a friend of mine sent out an email with a fun idea of doing a ladybug release with the kids.  So a group of us met at a park and let the kiddos run around for a while

IMG_9291ed IMG_9287ed IMG_9289ed













IMG_9293edand then we gathered them all together in the shade (because in the shade the ladybugs will stick around, once it gets hot in the sunlight they fly away) and opened up a carton that contained 1500 ladybugs!

IMG_9313edIMG_9297ed IMG_9304ed IMG_9308ed




























There were ladybugs everywhere!  All over our hands and arms…
















Our legs…

IMG_9320edand especially our feet.

IMG_9331ed IMG_9336edThey tickled!  And I kept feeling like I had ants crawling all over me.

IMG_9314ed And occasionally one would accidentally get squashed…

IMG_9325edIt really was a fun idea and the kids loved it!

IMG_9328ed IMG_9333edAfter the excitement of the ladybugs wore off, it was back to the playground and chasing after good old fashioned bubbles.

IMG_9350ed IMG_9356edAnybody else have any different, creative ideas of things to do with the kiddos?


One thought on “Ladybugs

  1. My kids always loved it when I would mix up a batch of chocolate pudding then give them fingerpainting paper. They would use the pudding as the “paint.” We would practice forming our letters and numbers and would sneak in a little taste testing as well. Forgot to mention we did this outside on our back patio and they wore old shirts backwards to protect their clothes. Fun times!

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