4th of July “Send Off” Party

This year we celebrated the 4th of July at our friends house in Anaheim Hills.  It was not just a celebration of our nation’s independence, it was also a celebration and send off party for our friends the Henry family.  Keith, who is a fellow Palm Desert native, and SDSU buddy and his wife Kristen, another SDSU friend and their two children made the move to England.  Keith’s company provided him with a great job opportunity and they decided it was the right decision to make. I know as hard as it must be to leave close friends and family back in the states, their family is on an amazing adventure and I can’t wait to hear those little kids grow up with a British accent!

When asked if I would take some pictures at the party, I had big intentions.  I had planned to take a picture of each family that came as well as maybe attempting to get a group shot, to send off with the Henry’s so they have some good pictures of the people who love them and are missing them.  Unfortunately, Jacob was being a little clingy that day and wouldn’t let me out of his sight and anytime I tried to take some pictures he would get upset and want me to hold him.  And there were so many people and everyone was all over the place so getting individual family pictures was proving to be kind of impossible.  So…I didn’t get the great pictures I wanted to, but I did get a few.

It was a warm day so the dad’s and kids took over the pool

IMG_8672edIMG_8715ed IMG_8694ed IMG_8703edFamily and friends from different areas of their life all came together

IMG_8670ed IMG_8674ed IMG_8675ed IMG_8679edIMG_8698ed IMG_8721ed


























IMG_8685ed IMG_8707ed IMG_8719edWe will miss the Henry’s dearly, but can’t wait to hear about all their adventures in Europe!
















And Happy 4th of July!


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