The Wedding

After the two fun days exploring and learning more about the area of Sonoma County we came to the reason for our trip, the wedding!  The morning of the wedding we visited some of the vineyards close to the house.  The first one had some of my dad and Jacob’s favorite things, dogs and tractors. So they spent most of the time playing outside.

IMG_8984ed IMG_8993ed IMG_8998ed IMG_9008ed

Then we went to Martin Ray vineyards where they had a pretty garden area so we could do our tasting outside.

IMG_9022edThen it was time for Jake’s nap and time for us to get ready for the wedding.

IMG_1933ed IMG_9035ed IMG_9029edThe wedding was a beautiful ceremony in a church in Occidental and the reception was at the Vine Hill House which was a gorgeous venue.


IMG_1954ed IMG_1955ed


IMG_1956edThe lighting coming through the trees was so pretty and I was wishing I had my camera with me, but I think this is a pretty good shot for an iPhone!

IMG_1950edThe day after the wedding, we went on an adventure that none of us had ever done before…Zip Lining!  The Sonoma Canopy Tours zip lining adventure through the Redwoods is one of the top ten in the nation and we had so much fun!

ZipLine Group ZipLine Mom ZipLine Shelley

Afterwards we celebrated with a drink!

ZipLine Drink

That evening we went over to our friends house for a relaxing BBQ dinner.  The house they rented is on a golf course and had a huge deck where we sat around and visited and chased Jacob around,

IMG_9046ed IMG_9049ed IMG_9081ed IMG_9062ed









































We had a delicious dinner!
















And then just like that, our vacation was over.  The next day we all went our separate ways to make the journey home.  It was really a nice getaway and to spend it with friends and family made it even better!

While unloading Jake’s car seat and all our luggage at the airport, Justin thought it would be easier to leave Jake strapped in so we didn’t have the chase after him while getting all our things.  Wonder what the other people thought when they saw this on the side of the street 🙂


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  1. It all looks like so much fun! Lots of wine, family time, new adventures, and of course, Jake!!! All so fabulous!! xoxo

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