Hat party

Jacob used to be so good about wearing hats, or at least he never minded when I put one on him and he never tried to take it off.  Until…about 9 months old, that all changed.  He decided he no longer wanted to wear any hats.  The second I put one on him he immediately takes it off.  We have some really cute hats for him that I was dying for him to wear.  Nope!

So hoping this is just a phase, I took a little break from the hats and decided to give it some time before I tried again.  We keep his cowboy hat that he got from Grandpa on the lamp next to the changing table, so after picking him up from the changing table he often points at the hat so I will put it on him and he immediately takes it off and hands it to me.  So I put it on myself and that usually gets a giggle out of him.  This scenario is repeated all day long as many times as I change him.  So in hopes to get Jacob to wear a hat again I decided to start having a hat parties!

IMG_7083edWe sit down in front of a mirror and get a few hats of mine and Jacob’s out on the floor and put them on.

IMG_6390ed When I put one on him, there is a split second where he looks at himself in the mirror

IMG_7101ed IMG_7085edThen the hat comes off…

IMG_6399ed IMG_6400edand he usually hands it to me

IMG_7084edSo I end up wearing all the hats…Jacob thinks it is pretty funny


There’s a short story in Shel Silverstein’s book, A Light in the Attic, about a man who wears many hats who meets a man who has as many heads.  I think of that story every time we do this.


ooops!  Gotta hurry up and take this one off!

IMG_6401edSo I guess this summer I will be slathering his head with sunblock when we go to the beach or the pool.  And yes, I’ve tried the ones that tie around the neck, those don’t work either.

One thought on “Hat party

  1. ADORABLE!!! A great story and the photos are perfect!! Love you in all the hats – too cute!! You (and Jacob) will be beyond thrilled you are doing this!!! xoxo

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