Engagement fun

When I was a little girl we lived in Bermuda Dunes.  To the right of our house was an empty lot then to the right of the lot was another house.  When I was two years old, the Feldstein family moved into that house.  They had a little boy Aaron who was 12 days older than me and a little girl Arianne who was a couple years older.  Our families became close friends.  A few years went by and we moved into a new house in Palm Desert and the Feldstein’s moved shortly after just a few houses down the street.  All those years growing up together, I have so many fun memories of Christmas parties with Santa Claus, Halloween parties,

Halloweenboating weekends at the river

kneeboardingand just every day hanging out being kids.

Swimming ice skatingnot happy(not sure why we were not too happy in that last picture!)

After graduating high school and moving away we kind of lost touch.  Then at one point we were all living in San Diego and Aaron and I were both at SDSU, he was part of the fraternity that my husband was in and we would see each other occasionally at parties.  Then he moved to New York to pursue his education and career in sports journalism.  We would see each other at weddings and on some occasions when he came to San Diego to visit and when we went to New York on vacation. Every time we saw each other we would check in with each other and see how the family was doing and what everyone was up to.

The reason for this post (and trip down memory lane) is Aaron is now engaged!  To a really great girl, Sarah.  I first met Sarah when we were in New York a couple of years ago.  And during the couple of hours we all spent together in a bar one night, I remember thinking, I really like her.  I’m not sure how serious they were at the time, but I did remember thinking that they would be great together.  So we are thrilled that they are getting married!

To celebrate the occasion Arianne and their mom Jennifer hosted a party.  I was excited to go and see them as well as all the other family and friends who I had not seen in years! 

Including the Rothblatt family

IMG_6913edIMG_6944edIMG_6918edArianne has 3 kids and there were lots of other kids there, which was great since there were plenty of toys and other kids for Jacob to play with.  He stuck close to Arianne’s youngest girl, Marlowe and his buddy Brock.

IMG_6911ed IMG_6941ed IMG_6936edAnd let me tell you he played hard, about 2 minutes into the car ride home, he was fast asleep.

It was a really nice party.  It was good to see Aaron so happy, to catch up with Arianne and meet her husband and kids and to share a big hug with Jennifer!  I knew I couldn’t do this post without sharing some old photos and I am glad I had a few, I only wish I had my mom’s photo albums because I know there are so, so many more there.

It is kind of crazy to see the three of us here

aaron,me,arianneAnd to see where we are all at now

IMG_6915edWonder where we will be 20 years from now?

Congrats Aaron and Sarah, we are so happy for you!


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