Three lovely ladies

I couldn’t pick just a couple of these to include in my last post of favorites, there are just too many that I love, so this one gets its own post.  A friend of mine asked me if I would take some pictures of her and her two daughters.  She said it had been years since they have done any kind of professional pictures together.  Of course I was excited to do it and we started tossing around ideas of where to go.  Then one day I got a text from her that said “I know the perfect place!”  There is a park nearby that has beautiful views all the way to the ocean.  She goes there sometimes to pray during quiet time so the location had a special meaning.  I love going to new locations for pictures since it gives me a new challenge and a new look to my pictures.

Honestly, if you ask me, this doesn’t look like a mom with her two daughters…they look like 3 sisters!

IMG_6106edBrandy wanted some pictures to reflect what they are doing at this time in life and a typical night a home looks something like this.

IMG_6116edBrandy can always be found working on her computer while Nadia works on her dancing and J’Lyn is rocking out to her music.

IMG_6174edNadia is an incredibly talented dancer and she showed me just a few of her moves

IMG_6162ed IMG_6171ed

J’Lyn let loose and showed me her spunky side while listening to her favorite tunes

IMG_6215ed IMG_6191ed

Brandy has done a wonderful job raising such beautiful girls

IMG_6232ed IMG_6241ed

What was especially fun for me was, how excited the girls were about taking pictures, and they had fun with it.  I am so used to taking pictures of families with really young kids and it is definitely more of a challenge since they may not want to sit still, or look at the camera let alone smile.  I love doing it, it just takes a lot more patience and energy.  These girls made it so easy.

IMG_6253edIMG_6282ed IMG_6272ed“Photography is the beauty of life, captured” – Tara Chisholm

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