Tummy time

At our last pediatrician appointment he told us that we should do a few minutes of tummy times a few times a day so Jacob can start working on strengthening his upper body and neck. Sometimes he takes it in stride and works hard, sometimes he just falls asleep, other times he screams the entire time.

His favorite kind of tummy time is when we lay him on our chest on the couch and he looks up at the lamp or out the window behind us.  But we also get down on the floor and play and encourage him when he is on his activity mat.

Here’s one time when he was being a sport and working hard at it. He is looking up at the giraffe hanging down trying to determine how he can get to it
IMG_7235He pushes up and tries
IMG_7237Then falls down in frustration with his legs in the air
IMG_7241One time I put him on a blanket from his great great Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Miney and encouraged him to push himself up, he was a bit mad at me for making him do such a thing.

Really mom, isn’t this a bit ridiculous…

IMG_7271Okay fine, I’ll push myself upIMG_7274And that’s it, I’m done!


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