I love how Jacob is so happy and alert after we give him a bath.  One time I made sure I had my camera close by so I could snap some pictures when we were done.  I am so glad I did, these are some of my favorite pictures of him!

This is a common pose of his…Raise your hand if you have a question.
IMG_7218If you remember the post I did a few months ago about the photography class I took and the importance of lighting and how the catchlights in your subjects eyes can make the picture that much better, the next two pictures are a great example.

Here’s a cute picture of Jacob looking into the cameraIMG_7219But if you compare the one above with this one where I shifted my position so he is looking up at the lamp behind him, his eyes come alive with the light.
IMG_7220Silly boy 🙂

IMG_7222Sweet boy
IMG_7223And finally he’s showing his Italian roots he got from daddy waving his fist around!


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