28 days – 4 weeks – 1 month

I can’t believe my baby is 1 month old!! He is growing like a weed!  As of last Wednesday Jacob weighed 9 lbs 15 oz! His pediatrician is very happy with his progress.  We’ve been busy doing all kinds of things in the past two weeks.

First up, here’s his 3 week picture
3 wks - 7048We’ve had lots of visits from friends and family.  Papa, Nonnie & GiGi came back to visit.
IMG_7127We’ve spent quality time with daddy & mommy


It is fitting that Jacob’s monthly picture stickers are Pittsburgh Steeler themed and he is 1 month old on Superbowl Sunday! Even though the Steelers are not playing in the Superbowl we are still representing 🙂
IMG_7295 IMG_7292Today we are watching the Superbowl with Grandpa

Go 49ers!!

One thought on “28 days – 4 weeks – 1 month

  1. My you certainly can tell the men in your family all descended from Jeff.
    All very handsome! The baby is changing every day and he looks as if he is already focusing on Mom and Dad. Love the pictures. Also, it was nice to see the picture of the other grandpa. He looks just like I remember him. thanks!!!!

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