Happy Easter

This year my birthday fell on Easter Sunday.  And my mom arrived for her visit 2 days before.  We really didn’t have anything big planned for the weekend, but we ended up being pretty busy.  On Saturday afternoon, we went to an Easter festival that our church was participating in at a local park.  By the time we got there everyone we knew had already left and the playground was pretty crowded so we decided not to stick around.  But we stopped in front of the DJ so Jake could wiggle his booty, he loves music!  And to pose with the blow up Easter bunny, which he was not too sure about.


Later that afternoon we went to a birthday party for Jacob’s friend Micah who turned 1! Then that evening, Grandma babysat while Justin took me out to dinner in La Jolla for to celebrate my birthday.

Sunday morning after church we played at the park and went out to lunch.  That afternoon I wanted to get a family picture so we went to the park to play around for a bit.


Jacob loves to smell flowers.  Whenever I have flowers on the counter in the kitchen he always stands under them, reaching up and calling out to someone to pick him up so he can smell them.  And he has to smell each flower, not just one.  In fact, he has been really interested in all plants and flowers in general.  When we are on our walks in the stroller he is always reaching out to touch the plants as we pass by.  Once his fingers touch the plant he pulls his hand in the stroller and giggles.  So Jacob and my mom were smelling the little white flowers in the grass.

IMG_7645ed IMG_7647ed IMG_7663ed

I’ve had a little luck with Jacob wearing a hat when we are outside since he is distracted by everything that is going on.  This is one of my favorites of his hats, we bought it for him to wear last Thanksgiving, but he wouldn’t keep it on.  But on this day we got just a few minutes of hat wearing

IMG_7669ed IMG_7680ed

Before it came off


We ended the day with our friends on bay enjoying the beautiful weather.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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