The Hardy Boys

No I am not talking about the books…To me the Hardy boys are living, breathing and very active little boys.  My sweet friend Angelina is married to the oldest Hardy boy, and she is the mom of 3 younger Hardy boys.  You may remember the pictures I took of them last year. Since I took those pictures, they added a 3rd boy to their family.

Angelina has pictures of her two older boys in the same pose snuggling a teddy bear when they were 6 weeks old.  A while back she asked me if I would take the same picture of her youngest when he was 6 weeks old.  So we set a date and had a fun little photo shoot.

IMG_9372cOf course we couldn’t do just one measly photo, so this turned into a bit of a family session!  When we arrived, the boys had just gotten out of school and they were full of e.n.e.r.g.y.  They asked me to take pictures of them doing karate moves while bouncing around the couch.














Once baby brother was ready for his closeup, they stopped jumping around to give him some kisses. IMG_9332edBrotherly love IMG_9409edIMG_9419edWhen attempting to get a family photo, it is a bit tricky to get more than one child to look at the camera, keep their eyes open AND smile.  So I’ve found that if I play around with them a bit and ask them to give me a silly face, then an excited pose, scary face, or serious, etc…then ask them to smile I usually end up with a decent one.  Plus it makes for some fun goofy photos too!

This one is my absolute favorite one, I just told them to give me their excited faces! IMG_9464edThen a good old fashioned happy smile 🙂 IMG_9439edI had SO much fun with these pictures, I was laughing out loud while working on them getting ready to give to Angelina, the boys were being so silly.  I kept thinking about Jacob and what he will be like when he grows up.  One thing for sure you can count on me to be ready with a camera when he is doing karate moves on the couch.  Check back in a few years for those.

Angelina is such an inspiration being an amazing woman, teacher, mother (and the only female!) in the midst of the chaos of the Hardy boys.  I am so glad we are friends and that they added the third boy to their family.  Now Jacob has a boy close to his age to run around with (we are surrounded by baby girls at the moment) and I just know they are going to be best buddies!

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