2nd Anniversary

I know, I know, I am on a blogging roll!  Lots to share!

Last Sunday our church celebrated our 2nd anniversary with another chili cook off!  We had a wonderful guest speaker during the service and celebrated afterwards in the park.  We invited our local fire department to come participate and the kids loved getting to explore the fire truck.  Julia and I wanted to recreate the picture we took last year on the back of the truck with our pregnant bellies, unfortunately, they had the truck backed up into the edge of the parking lot and there was a tree obstructing the back.  But we made it work anyway and got some cute shots with the kiddos.


IMG_1900edOne of the firemen we were talking to even noticed that Jacob had a big fire truck on his shirt 🙂

IMG_1905edWe thanked the firemen for serving our community and let them dive into the chili

IMG_1919edIMG_1924edAfter lunch we spread out a blanket and let the kiddos play

IMG_1907edKJ and Jacob were passing a toy back and forth “taking turns” playing/chewing on it

IMG_1911edIMG_1915edIMG_1917edOur blanket quickly filled up with friends and even our buddy Micah joined us

IMG_1929edAnd here is our 35 week old


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