How San Diegan Are You?

A few years ago San Diego Magazine published an article (more like a checklist) that was called “How San Diegan Are You?”  It had a list of a hundred different things to do in San Diego and you were to go through the list and check off all the things you have done and count them up, then according to your tally you could determine how “San Diegan” you were.  I made a copy of the list and Justin and I sat down one night and checked off all the things we’ve done, since then whenever we have a free day (which is rare and why we have not completed the list in the last few years) we will go do something on the list that we have not done.

One thing on the list is the Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial.  This memorial has been the center of much heated debate and controversy over the years and has been all over the news and its cross way up on a hill can be seen while driving on the 5 freeway and from many places in San Diego.  So the fact that we “see” the cross all the time, it didn’t really seem like it would be anything special to actually visit the memorial to “see” the cross up close.  However, last weekend, we were wanting to get out of our house and in search of some cooler weather we decided to drive up to the memorial and check it out.


We spent some time looking at the memorial plaques surrounding the cross


We we walked the perimeter of the park and took in all the gorgeous views of San Diego (and enjoyed the cooler breeze!)


It didn’t take very long to do but we both agreed that it is a nice memorial and a a fun little adventure if you have some spare time.


We are so thankful for all our veterans who have served our country and those who currently are serving our country.  We couldn’t live our life like we do without you.

Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.Ephesians 6:11

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