The Mission

Last September I did a post about our visit to the Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial, which we checked off on our How San Diegan Are You? list.  Another thing on the list that we have not done yet was visit the Mission San Luis Rey De Francia in Oceanside.  On the Saturday before Mother’s Day we didn’t have any plans and didn’t want to spend the beautiful day indoors, so we took a day trip to the mission.


When we arrived, the guide in the museum gave us the layout of the grounds and told us where we could go and the things we could see.  We started out walking through the museum. Jake didn’t really seem impressed…

IMG_7765edWe ended up in a courtyard behind the museum and let Jake roam around. That was much more interesting to him!

IMG_7788ed IMG_7813ed IMG_7799edIMG_7821ed IMG_7823edSometimes the simplicity of a bench or chair is my favorite kind of photo opportunity.

IMG_7836ed IMG_7840ed IMG_7842ed IMG_7845ed IMG_7847edJake is in a phase where he wants to touch everything, and I mean everything! He is always sticking his finger out and reaching to touch something.  On our walks he likes to touch the different plants and all the poles for the street signs or street lights.  Even when driving in the car if he sees a stop sign, he will frantically point his finger like he expects me to pull over so he can touch the pole.  And the big bell hanging in the courtyard is no exception.
















I always take my camera with us when we go on these adventures, but don’t always take pictures.  Sometimes, I just want to just relax and enjoy the moment. But sometimes, like this day, there are just too many good photo opportunities to pass up it ends up becoming a mini photo session!   Especially when Jake is having such a great time exploring the area.

IMG_7882ed IMG_7884ed IMG_7875ed









































When I was completing an online profile a while back for a MOMs group I am a part of it required a photo of me and Jake.  And I thought, pshhh no problem, I have plenty of pictures!  After spending several minutes going though my photo archives, I realized that I do have plenty of pictures of Jake, and Jake with daddy, but I have very few of us and the ones I have are older pictures, nothing recent.  It is hard when you are always behind the camera to force yourself to hand it to someone else so you can get in front of it.  And I am working on that…So when we went down these old steps that led down to the pools where women used to wash clothes and bathe, I handed the camera to Justin and played with Jake on the steps for a few minutes.

IMG_7903ed IMG_7907ed IMG_7917ed









































And I had to crop that last one to get a closer version of me and my bat boy.















We wandered through the cemetery

IMG_7920ed IMG_7925edAnd stopped by the church on our way out
















It was a fun family day and I am looking forward to our next adventure to check off the list!


2 thoughts on “The Mission

  1. Great photos, Michelle!!! And a great idea to have a San Diego bucket list. There is SO much to see and do, and I know lots of people, myself included, don’t take advantage of it all!! See you soon!!

  2. Fabulous pictures! Can’t believe he has grown so much and looks so much like his dad. thank you for including me on your picture list.


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