Surf’s up

A couple of weekends ago we planned to meet Justin’s parents and grandma in Oceanside to celebrate grandma’s 89th birthday.  Unfortunately she got sick and couldn’t make it 🙁  They also had a family friend, Peyton, in town visiting who we wanted to see, so we still got together.  It was a beautiful San Diego day and we had lunch overlooking the Oceanside Pier.  When we arrived there were SO many people out and about, more than your typical Saturday afternoon, so we knew something was going on.  Turns out, it was a female surfing competition.  Apparently it was a pretty big deal and competitors from all over the world came to participate.  So after lunch we walked out to the pier to watch.  All the people lined up at the bottom of the picture were waiting for the next surfer to walk out to the water.

IMG_1288edTurns out that the surfer was Bethany Hamilton, who became famous a while back after she lost her arm to a shark and returned to professional surfing. In fact I am pretty sure they made a movie about her?

IMG_1291edSomething new I learned that day was that the surfers make their way out to the water by going out under the pier so they don’t have to fight the waves (obviously I don’t know that much about surfing).  If you look closely you can see her swimming out from underneath the pier.


The line of people are now watching the water

IMG_1299ed3 generations of Frisco men watching all the people


Papa & Nonie with Jacob

IMG_1279edand us with Peyton

IMG_1275edWe didn’t stick around all day so I have no idea how the competition ended, but it was fun to watch for a little while.

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