Weekend fun

We have been so busy every weekend this summer we haven’t had a free weekend to to relax and and say “what do you want to do today?”  Last weekend we finally had that.  We started it off having some friends over for dinner on Friday night.  Saturday we had a lazy morning at home, then that afternoon we went to the Powerhouse Park in Del Mar.  We simply just sat and watched the waves crashing, the seagulls flying and all the people swimming, lounging and walking by.

IMG_1468edIt was one of those days where all we could talk about was how lucky we are to live in such an amazing city.  We also have had such a mild summer, we did have a heat wave in June that lasted for about a week and a half, otherwise, it has been beautiful!  Saturday was no exception, it was an absolute perfect afternoon. Jacob enjoyed the new sights and watching and hearing the train go by was pretty fascinating for him.


And if you think all Jacob does is smile, well you are right, pretty much 85% of the time he is one happy little dude, 5% of the time he is fussy because he is tired, or he is demanding our attention or he doesn’t want to eat whatever new food I am trying to feed him (another post on food will be coming soon), and the other 10% of the time he is ferociously chewing and gnawing on anything he can get his hands on.  In this case, a giraffe was his victim.


On Sunday after church we went to the pool with our neighbors who have a 10 month old girl, who just recently started walking!! Note, Jacob is chewing again…

Pool dayIMG_1474edAnd here is our 31 week old!


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