Cowboy Style

One thing that we did get at the tractor show was a cowboy hat for Jacob.  Apparently they don’t make cowboy hats for babies, at least we couldn’t find any, but we found some kid sized ones, Jacob was asleep in his carrier at the time so we couldn’t try it on him, but he has a big noggin so we figured it would be close enough.  It was a tad bit too big, but he wore it proudly! Just pretend that his jumper is in fact a horse


Who doesn’t like to go for a ride in the morning in your PJs and cowboy hat?


I mean it is great exercise and the perfect way to start your day


Giddy up!!


And my absolute favorite picture of my boys is now this one

photo 2 (3)

My brother and sister in law bought a ranch about 10 minutes away from my parents.  So we went over there one day and looked at the house and property.  I absolutely love old barns and have always wanted to do some pictures in a rustic beat up barn and my brother had one.  So we found a spot along a wall and set up some hay and had a little photo shoot.  My mom was holding Jacob while I was getting the settings on my camera ready and they looked so cute, I started snapping.


Then we got my dad and Jane in the picture and Jane and Jacob had to say their hello’s before we could get down to business.

IMG_0975ed IMG_0977edThen everyone was all smiles 🙂

IMG_0994edAfter taking a bunch of pictures, we realized that Jacob didn’t have his cowboy hat on, so of course, we had to take more.

IMG_1034edThen it was mom and dad’s turn

IMG_1081edIMG_1065edOur handsome little cowboy


IMG_1161edBack at my parents ranch it was a beautiful evening so we spent some time out on the porch.  If you remember the pictures we took with the tractors last year, you will recognize this one

IMG_1215edWe had lots of good old fashioned playtime


On our last night there, my parents neighbors came over to visit and meet Jacob.


My brother and his wife came over and we ended our trip with a family dinner.


We had such a good time and really enjoyed the relaxing (but busy) time away from home.  We didn’t get the extra third seat on the plane ride home, but Jacob was such a good little traveler and slept the entire flight! Grandma and Grandpa wore him out!

photo 3 (3)

7 thoughts on “Cowboy Style

  1. Such great photos! Jacob is SO photogenic. Loved the ones at your brothers house!! Christmas cards abound!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Jacob is THE cutest little guy ever!!!

    • Thanks Sue! He is so fun to take pictures of and he loves it (thankfully!) I thought the same about the Christmas cards, but he is going to change so much between now and then I’m sure I’ll come up with something else.

  2. What a darling cowboy!! Every minute of the picture taking looks like fun! He certainly enjoyed it. Love the pictures, keep them coming and a great big THANKS!

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