As promised, here are the highlights of our trip to Oregon.

We wanted to explore other areas of Oregon outside of my parents ranch, so we all piled in the truck and drove west to the coast.  Our first stop was Newport, OR.  It is a small fishing town with a ‘Main Street’ filled with shops, restaurants, art galleries and other small businesses.

After parking we found a brewery and had lunch.  Then we walked up and down main street peeking in the shops and art galleries.  We heard a commotion out on one of the docks so we went to see what was going on.


We got an ice cream cone and made our way back to the truck and we found this in one of the shop doorways.

I have a love affair with labs, one day we will have one (or two).

We took a different way home and drove south a bit along the coast to Waldport and stopped at the beach.

Southern CA (namely San Diego!) has some of the most beautiful beaches, but Oregon’s coastline is not too shabby either.

Then heading east back to the ranch we really went on an adventure.  We ended up on a 1.5 lane, windy road through the country.  There was NOTHING around except lots and lots of trees and a river, it was a beautiful drive and a bit longer than we expected.

The next day, we did a round up!  The cows needed to be moved to a different field and doctored up as well.  So my parents, Justin and their neighbor Bob got on the 4 horses and I was on the mini cart/mule thingy…and got all the cattle into a corral from the field.

Then a few at a time went through the shoot where they were treated with a dewormer then out into another corral.

When they were all done, we all got back on the horses, mini cart/mule thingy and paraded the cows down the driveway to the field in front of the house.

Once the cows were safely in the field, we rode around on the horses for a bit.

View of the ranch.

There was a bit of a heat wave while we were up there. It got up to 90 degrees and it was too hot to spend much time outside so we spent the next day being lazy.  We read books, played games, napped, baked cookies and just hung out around the ranch.

The following day my dad and Justin went target shooting and my mom and I picked up her friend Vickie and we went to the U of O campus.

They have some beautiful buildings on campus that are filled with museums, the particular one we were going to was about the women of the west.

We wandered around for a while and then drove to a baby store that my mom had been wanting to go to.  I found a cute knit cap for baby boy 🙂  After some lunch we headed to the mall and went shopping for maternity clothes!  We all met up back at the ranch and went to dinner at the Dexter Lake Club.

If you’ve seen the movie Animal House, this is where they filmed the bar scene…

We had some of the best burgers (aside from In N Out) for dinner.  It was open mic night and their regular band started things off, then there were a variety of performers on the stage.  The last band we heard was a bit of a surprise since it was not what we were expecting at a redneck hole in the wall.  It was a pastor, his wife and their two daughters.  They sang worship songs (with a bit of a spin on some) and were quite a hit.

On our last full day there we had some fun doing a little photo shoot.  My parents got a new big tractor for them and a little tractor bike for baby boy.  So we rounded up all three tractors and had some fun.

Even Missy & Cody got in on the fun

All in all it was a fun trip.  It was nice to spend time with my parents and be out in the country with the animals.  We ate lots of good food and played rematch after rematch of the marble game. The future summers will be even more fun with baby boy to play around the ranch with!

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