Baby Bump Goes to Vegas!

Justin had a conference to go to in Las Vegas last week so we decided to make a trip out of it. We have some good friends who have a house out there and they let us “move in” for a few days. It was nice because we were able to enjoy the comforts of home that you can’t get in a hotel room, we were able to bring our dog with us and it was free! We broke up the drive by stopping to visit with my grandma and grandpa in Redlands. Grandpa and Justin picked up a pizza for lunch and we spent a few hours talking and telling stories. It is always so nice to see them! The rest of our drive went smoothly, we drove through a little rainstorm about 2 hours from Vegas.
When we adopted Apollo, I swear the paperwork that came with him got mixed up with another dogs paperwork because it said that he did not like riding in the car…I can assure you that is NOT true. There are times when we can’t get him out of the car when we get to our destination and end up leaving the door open so he can come inside when he realizes that the car ride is over.
When we arrived, we were greeted by our friends Davy & Deanna and we BBQed some steaks for dinner. The next morning after breakfast Davy & Deanna had to head back to San Diego and we spent the rest of the morning reading and relaxing. That afternoon we headed to the strip where we took baby’s first Vegas picture 🙂
Then we went to the Hofbrau House for a late lunch.
It brought back memories of our vacation to Germany for Oktoberfest.

With full stomachs, we walked around the strip and looked around the new casinos that we had not been to yet. It sure is fun to people watch in Vegas, there’s always something to see.

Early the next morning I dropped Justin off at Caesar’s Palace for the conference and I spent the day reading and working on the computer. Apollo was in full vacation mode sunbathing on the patio. The 100+ degree weather did not bother him one bit.
That evening Justin and I had reservations at the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel. Since it was Sunday evening and the Steelers were playing I met Justin at the sports bar in the Paris hotel to watch the game before we went to dinner.
The dinner was an early 6 year anniversary celebration. We had a table at a window overlooking the Bellagio and watched the water fountain show every 15 minutes.
The food was fantastic and dessert was even better! In fact we ended up with two desserts since one was on the house for our celebration. They know their way to a pregnant woman’s heart! Yum!
After dinner we walked to Caesar’s Palace where the some of the Young Advisors who were in town for the conference had a party at a suite. It was a pretty cool two story suite and turns out it is where they filmed part of the movie Rainman.

The next morning bright and early I dropped Justin off again at Caesar’s Palace for the conference and I set off to do a little bit of shopping. That evening we went to Justin’s company dinner at Caesar’s Palace (sorry I don’t have any pictures of that night). It was a really nice dinner and 4 of the men there were past presidents of the association and they each said a few words. It really showed that these people are passionate about what they do and truly care about the association. After the dinner the Young Advisors were having another event at the Shadow Bar so we stopped by there for a while before heading home.

On our last full day there Justin didn’t have to be at the conference until 3:15 pm so we finally had a chance to sleep in! We kept hearing on the news and our iPhone weather app that there was a storm coming…all day the clouds were building and building. We left the house to grab a late lunch before Justin had to be at the conference. When we left the wind was howling and as we drove away big fat rain drops slowly started coming down. We stopped at a sandwich place and I sat out on the patio with the dog while Justin went inside to order food. In a matter of two minutes the sky opened and the rain came pouring down like I’ve never seen it before. There was lightning and really really loud thunder, Apollo did not like it one bit, he was in my lap whimpering and shivering. So we ran back to the car in the flooded parking lot and ate lunch in the car. It then took us an hour to get to Caesar’s Palace and an hour and a half for me to get back to the house. There was so much flooding, accidents and debris on the freeways. And it all happened so fast, it gave me a new appreciation for the term “flash flood.” We both grew up in the desert and remember all the desert thunderstorms we loved growing up. I still do love them, but not when I have to drive in them! By the time I had to go back and pick up Justin the storm had passed but there was still flooding and debris on the roads. We picked up Italian food for dinner and layed low at the house watching movies. The following day we packed up and drove back to San Diego. It was a fun, relaxing, exhausting and exciting trip all in one.

To end this post here’s my 22 week belly 🙂

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