On the move

Whew!! What a day…lately I feel like our schedules are completely out of control! Work has been really busy for both of us, and everything else has gone into overdrive. Sometimes it is a fun kind of busy like our trip to Vegas, and the 4 fun events we crammed into 2 days this weekend and I wouldn’t change a thing.  But this is also a time when all I want to do is relax, read books and enjoy some peace and quiet before the baby comes and that is just not happening, so we’re hanging on and taking it one day (sometimes one hour) at a time.

Today’s perk was my doctors appointment.  All is well, my blood pressure and weight gain are right on track.  We heard his strong and healthy heartbeat again.  In fact, I think he has taken a clue from our crazy schedules since he is on the move himself.  My OB had to keep moving the doppler around to keep up with him.  It is amazing the peace it gives me just hearing his heartbeat and knowing that all is well.

During my walks with Apollo I try to use that time to “relax” mentally and not think about everything that needs to be done at work, home or in a certain timeframe. Most of the time it doesn’t work, sometimes it does and at least the exercise and fresh air gives me a clear head, energy boost or a second wind to keep going.

Here’s a picture I snapped with my iPhone of a pretty sky on one of our walks. Doesn’t looking at that give you a sense of calm! Work with me here…I’m trying!


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  1. we are glad all is well and that Baby Frisco is beating to his own drum! Keep up the good work and see you soon! Love, Jeff and Joyce

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