Horsin’ Around

Every year when we go to Oregon, we always spend one afternoon setting up some props for a fun little photo shoot.  You can see what we’ve done in the past (2012, 2013).  This year was no different, although it was more challenging to get an almost 2 year old to sit still and smile for the camera.  But we did it!  IMG_0264ed IMG_0260ed IMG_0270ed IMG_0282edIMG_0296ed IMG_0295edThen the boys saddled up the horses to move the neighbors cow back into the neighbors field and we spent the rest of the afternoon horsin’ around the ranch. Justin and my mom gave Jake his first horse ride on my mom’s horse, Checkers.  I would love to say that this next batch of pictures is because I think our son is just adorable (which I do)…but in reality they are just pure comedy because Checkers can’t take a decent photo to save his life, you’ll see what I mean. This first one is actually one of the best pictures I’ve seen of Checkers, he looks like a model horse.



But then he does this…IMG_0311edIMG_0314ed IMG_0316ed IMG_0323edThen we get another decent one…

IMG_0318edLike I said in the first Oregon post, Jake loves his cowboy boots and wore them all day, everyday, even while waiting for his bath to be drawn and saying goodnight to the cows out in the fields.
















That’s my Southern California beach boy, look at that white booty!
















It was another fun trip!  On the way home we had a 30 minute layover in LAX and our flight was late leaving Eugene, so we missed our connecting flight, by just minutes…which turned an easy 30 minute layover into a 2 hour layover to get the next flight.  But our little guy is such a great traveler and I’ve learned that an easy way to distract him are lots and lots and lots of stickers.



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  1. All such great photos! Of course, the booty shot with the boots one was the best!! Checkers does not like the bit in his mouth!! But the first one was picture perfect!!
    I would move in with your parents in a heart beat, it is so beautiful at their place!!!

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