Scooby Doo

We’ve always loved celebrating all the different holidays throughout the year. However, there are some holidays that are so much better when kids are involved.  Seeing their excitement and anticipation through their eyes makes all the effort so worth it.  This year Jacob was old enough to participate in the Halloween festivities!  First up was carving a pumpkin.  He knew exactly what a pumpkin was since we have been to so many pumpkin patches and he sees them every time we go into the grocery store, so he wasn’t fazed when we actually bought one instead of passing by them.
















But when we cut it open, he wasn’t quite sure what to think about all this…

IMG_0372ed IMG_0375ed




























Once we got him standing up so he could see down the pumpkin, he put his hand in to help clean it out.
















I don’t think he was a fan of how it felt
















Of course the part he loved was using the knives to carve the face

IMG_0383ed IMG_0401ed IMG_0407ed


He really got into it


And our furry baby joined in on the fun, guarding the pumpkin table from any witches or goblins that may be passing by.
















Since Jacob has a passion for dogs, we thought Scooby Doo would be a fun costume for him.  I was a bit nervous that he wouldn’t wear it because he still doesn’t like things on his head, but he has been getting better about wearing hats so I had hope.  When we got the costume I hung it up in his room and every single day he would look at it and say Doggie!! He got very familiar with it so that evening when it started getting dark we put his costume on and lit up the pumpkin. And if you think he looks like a chipmunk instead of Scooby Doo…it’s the cookies we were using to bribe him to stay still for the camera.
















He was really interested in the candle that was making the pumpkin glow

IMG_0436ed IMG_0444ed




























Two days before Halloween the shopping center by our house put on a Halloween festival and we went down there to trick or treat through all the stores.  They had a live band playing and we enjoyed the music and watched all the kids running around everywhere.  On Halloween I took Jacob to my old office to see everyone’s costumes and then we went to Justin’s office for a Halloween potluck lunch.  Our friends had a Halloween party that we went to on Saturday night, there is where Scooby Doo found his friends Shaggy and Daphne.














It was a fun Halloween and I am looking forward to all the Halloweens to come!

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  1. Love the pictures. He is handy with that knife as the pumpkin looks very professional. He is a handsome child and I know how much fun you are having with him. He looks so happy.

    I have lost Joyce’s email address. Would you ask them to send it to me

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