Those kind of friends

You know those kind of people who are always fun to be around.  Who are always happy to see you and greet you with a hug and a smile.  They are real and honest and you feel like you can be your true self around them.  You know you can always count on them to listen, to be there for you and support you.  Everybody needs some of these kind of friends, in fact, I think everybody should strive to BE this kind of friend.

We are lucky to have some of these friends, and one couple is the Hardy’s.  Jason and Angelina have been a big part of our lives and we love spending time with them. They have a passion for people and truly have a gift of reaching out to others and being that kind of friend.  Jason is the pastor of our church and Angelina uses her beautiful talent with the piano as a piano teacher.  They have two adorable little boys, Caleb and Jayden.  For the last year and a half we’ve spent our Wednesday nights at their house with 2 other couples doing a ‘Wine Study, Bible Tasting‘. Yes, you heard (read) that right.  The first hour, we spend enjoying some wine (now water for me) and appetizers while talking about our week, what’s going on in our lives, sharing any God moments that happened, discussing the latest news, politics, movies, books and just laughing and enjoying each others company.  Then we bring out dessert, get cozy on the couch and start our bible study.  I love that during our conversations we really open up with each other and share our dreams, our struggles, our achievements and frustrations.  Real friends know that life is full of peaks and valleys and they don’t expect you to be perfect or your house to be spotless.  They don’t care about designer clothes or what cars you drive, they care about you and want to celebrate the highs in life with you and hold you up during the low times.  We have some fun times with them outside of Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights and we are so thankful that God placed Jason and Angelina in our lives and we know that it will be a lifetime bond.

Angelina asked me if I would take some updated family photos.  I love doing family photos, especially with fun people. We decided to go to the Midland Railroad which has a great rustic backdrop with a big barn, old trains, bridges and railroad tracks.  Here are a few of my favorites from that day.

I tend to love the natural pictures that are not so posed…this one shows the boys personalities.  I know Caleb was eying the trains across the way and planning our next spot to take pictures, he would make a great assistant.  And Jayden’s spontaneous, goofy antics kept us laughing.
Seriously how could you not giggle when this is his version of “say cheese

Thank you Jason and Angelina for being those special kind of friends.
And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. ~ Luke 6:31

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  1. What a touching tribute to your friends and says a lot about you too, we have enjoyed your “Project” and it shows what a sensitive, creative writer and now photography you are ! You are very special…we love you Momma!

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