Drum roll please……

We just got back from visiting my parents in Oregon and had a great time!  I’ll post pictures and more info on our trip later.  Right now, we have some exciting news to share.  The day before we left we had an ultrasound to determine the gender so we could surprise our parents.  The results………………………………..

…………………it’s a BOY!!! Here’s proof 🙂

Yes, I know my son is going to hate me one day for posting this, but then one day he will, hopefully, understand.  We are thrilled!  I will be even more outnumbered in our house with 3 males (dogs count too), and Justin is excited to have a buddy to do boy type things with.

The day after we got back from Oregon, I had fetal anatomy ultrasound, this was a 30 minute ultrasound and was very thorough.  I had to drink 32 oz of water an hour before and hold it.  Really, what are they thinking when they tell a pregnant woman that they have to hold it!  Anyway, the ultrasound tech couldn’t really tell us anything since she was just a tech and her job is to get the pictures.  They will then be read/interpreted by an MD and sent to my OB’s office.  We have our follow up visit with my OB on Monday so I will know more then and will post an update next week.  She was able to tell us that all 4 heart chambers were developed and functioning, the spine looks good and she pointed out all the different body parts.  At the end of the ultrasound baby boy started sucking his thumb, so cute!  And I would like to note that it was not just any thumb, it was his left thumb.  Here’s to betting he’s going to be a lefty like his mama!

Now I am going to start shopping!  Can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Drum roll please……

  1. I SWEAR this is true . . .
    Terry and I were talking about how he is legally “Terry C. Frisco” – and then Jason Carl Frisco and Justin Carl Frisco – so I said, “Why not use the real “Carmelo?” I LOVE the name Anthony (not Tony) – so I put together Anthony Carmelo Frisco . . . and then a couple of minutes later (during the Olympics) they were talking about a US/Spain match-up and up on the screen comes the name “Carmelo Anthony.” So by virtue of Ant Lee’s obvious sign from God!!!!! – we vote for Anthony Carmelo Frisco! True story!!!! Love you all and see you next week!!!

  2. What a guy! Now we can shop…in fact our friend Betty has already sent a box of baby boy clothes! Jeff is suggesting “Santo” after his grandfather! Can’t wait to see you next week! XXOO

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