Follow up & my little kicker

We had our follow up appointment with my OB yesterday and overall everything looks great!  My blood pressure and weight gain is good.  Baby’s heartbeat is still strong.  The only thing we need to check on later is my placenta.  Right now my placenta is low in my uterus (it typically is at the top), most of the time as the baby grows the placenta can migrate further up.  So that  means I get another ultrasound around 28 weeks (yay, more pictures of baby!) to check and see where my placenta is.  If it moves up, great!  If it doesn’t move or continues to go further down, then it could cover the cervix which means the baby will not be able to get into the birth canal for delivery, which means a C-Section will be scheduled.  The baby is perfectly fine and healthy and my doctor is not concerned at all. He said only about 4% of women who have a low lying placenta end up having complete blockage of the cervix, most of them end up “fixing themselves”.  So I’m not worried, I would prefer not to have a C-Section…but of course if I need to then we will.

On another note, I’ve started feeling the baby move! A few weeks ago I felt something several times, but was not sure if it was the baby or not.  While we were in Oregon I was feeling the same sensation, only stronger and more often so I knew it was him, and have been feeling him more and more since then. Last night while I was eating tangerines in bed (my latest food obsession) I started feeling him move around again so I put my hand on my belly and was so excited that I could feel him from the outside, so I quickly grabbed Justin’s hand and he gave Justin a good kick!  Guess he likes tangerines!

I really don’t like posts without pictures so I am leaving you with a (dark & blurry) picture of Justin’s soccer game last night.  I have yet to master the art of shooting sports.  Now that I am thinking about it….I’m convinced that’s why baby was kicking up a storm last night, he wants to come out and play with daddy!  So I guess my little kicker is going to upgrade me from a soccer wife to a soccer mom 🙂

3 thoughts on “Follow up & my little kicker

  1. That’s soooo awesome! It becomes so real when you can actually feel them. God’s great work. Truly a little miracle. xoxo

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