Waiting for the call

Not only do I want to use this blog as a way to keep friends and family posted on what’s going on with us, but it is kind of going to be a journal for me.  Especially down the road when I start cataloging and documenting our baby’s life.  There are some things (details) that I don’t want to forget, so I plan to post them here from time to time.  One important day that I don’t want to forget was the day we found out we were pregnant, so here goes…

On the day of my pregnancy test my mom was in town.  First thing in the morning we went to my doctors office and they drew my blood.  We were chatting with the nurses and my mom had asked them when they thought they would call with the results.  The nurse said, we try to get all our phone calls done during the lunch hour and we usually call the pregnant ones first.  So with that all done, we went to the Corner Bakery for breakfast, then we did what girls do best, we went shopping!  We had a list of errands to run and places to shop at, one by one we checked them off the list.  I had my phone in my pocket on ring and vibrate and checked it every 5 minutes to make sure I didn’t miss a call.  Around lunchtime we were at DSW (my favorite shoe store), when we left we still had not heard anything.  We only had one place left to go…Babies R Us.  I had a baby shower to go to the following weekend and I was putting off getting the gift until I knew the results so I could either prepare myself to go in get a gift and leave OR my mom and I could look around at all the cute stuff.  We had not had lunch yet and by now it was about 1:30, so we decided to go to In and Out which was on the way to Babies R Us. Both of us kind of got quiet and I was mentally preparing myself for another negative result so I wouldn’t completely loose it when I got the call.  We sat outside and ate lunch. At this point Justin had started calling me and asking if I heard anything.  Finally after stalling long enough I said lets just go get this over with, so we go to Babies R Us.  I printed the registry from the kiosk and we wandered around while I looked at the registry to determine what I wanted to buy.  Once I figured it out, we had to walk across the store to the other side to get it and we ended up walking through all the baby furniture, cribs, dressers, rocking chairs, etc…I was literally smack dab in the middle of the store and my phone rang.  I honestly thought about not answering it, I held it staring at it for a few seconds before finally deciding to answer.  It was my favorite nurse and she said “Congratulations, you are pregnant!” I had to ask her to repeat herself to be sure I heard her right.  She assured me that my numbers came back well within the positive range and she wanted me to come back in two days for a repeat test to make sure the numbers were doubling.  After hanging up my mom and I hugged and we sat in the rocking chairs and cried for a few minutes.  I can only imagine what the sales man was thinking as he watched the whole scene.  Positive!! I am pregnant!  When I caught my breath I remembered why we were there and we set off to find the gift I was buying and my mom picked up a copy of ‘What to Expect When You are Expecting’.  As much as I wanted to linger around the store, I couldn’t wait to tell Justin and I didn’t want to tell him on the phone.  Luckily his office was about 10 minutes down the road, so we headed over there.  On the way, I am calling him to tell him that we are coming over so I can ‘show my mom his office’, he wasn’t picking up my calls.  We get there and all the doors into his office are locked and they change to codes often, so I had no idea what the new code was and couldn’t get in.  So I used the keypad outside the door to call into his office (also while I am simultaneously calling him on his cell phone) and he didn’t pick up, I called the admin desk and no one picked up.  I was getting frustrated and started knocking on the door, finally a lady opened it for me and I explained who I was and we set off to Justin’s office.  He was not there…no one was there.  I started thinking about it and realized it was a little after 3:00 on a Friday, which usually means happy hour.  So as we are pulling out of the parking lot Justin calls me, I explained that we were at his office and he confirmed my suspicions that he was at happy hour with the guys.  They knew that Justin was waiting for the results so they took him out for a drink to get his mind off of things.  I hung up without telling him because I really wanted to tell him in person.  He said he was on his way home, so we met him there. As I walked into the house I gave him a hug and told him we were pregnant!  He was thrilled!  It took some time to sink it and over the next few days I had to keep reminding myself that it was true.

The really special thing about that weekend was Sunday was Mothers Day. My mom was still in town and we all went to church.  At the end of the service the all the kids came in with roses and handed them out to all the mom’s.  Not everyone at church knew that we were pregnant yet, but one couple who did had their little boy give me a rose, it was a touching moment!  Justin also gave me a really sweet Mother’s Day card.  I was still in that surreal mode where I couldn’t believe I was actually celebrating Mother’s Day in a different way.  It was such a special, emotional weekend and I am so glad my mom was there to share it with us.


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