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So remember the post I did about those kind of friends…well another family that fits into that category are these people. We’ve known Drew & Keri for a several years through our church. Actually, Keri’s family and Justin’s family are old friends and go back even further.  It is a small world since years later we ended up in a different city, at the same church and living about 2 miles apart.  We’ve been in the same small group and spent many nights at their house in fellowship.  Another thing that makes them good people in our book is they are Pittsburgh Steeler fans and we enjoy getting together to watch games with them!

Drew and Keri have 4 beautiful children, 2 boys & 2 girls, the perfect combination! The thing I love about them is no matter how busy or crazy their lives are (remember, 4 kids!) they always make time for you and always make an effort to get to know new people and build friendships. They are sincere, genuine and a lot of fun.  I also love their parenting style, they have a calm, relaxed (at least what we see) style of parenting. It is very obvious how much they love their kids, but more importantly, it also is obvious how much they love each other.  I’ve often thought over the years, I want to parent like they do when our time comes, they have been a wonderful example.

Keri asked me to take some updated pictures of her family and if you know them well you know exactly why, at first, I freaked out!  They have a long history of absolutely stunning, beautiful family photos done by a professional photographer.  They are the ones that make you gasp when you open their Christmas card and make a mental note to yourself to find out who their photographer is so you can use them next year.  So…I was a little intimidated because I didn’t want to disappoint them.  But then I remembered that they are the kind of people who don’t stress about those kind of things.  Besides their family is so stinking cute, it’s impossible to get a bad picture of them.  So I told Keri I would do it.

It was another beautiful San Diego afternoon and we spent a few hours at the Rancho Bernardo Winery.  We had no idea how it was going to go with trying to get 4 kids to cooperate and smile at the camera (or at least look in the general direction of the camera), but I was impressed, there was only one child who was not to wild about this activity at first, but once we got in the swing of things they did a great job! Those years of practice with photographers paid off (or maybe they were just having a good day).

I love the outdoor, rustic type pictures and the winery provides lots of different backdrops. There were lots of old buildings and cool barn doors
The boys found all kinds of things to climb up on, wagons, tractors and a good old fashioned tree (I was excited to get a shot with his smile cracked to reveal his missing tooth)
The favorite spot that we kept returning to was an old wooden swing.  Here’s momma with her girls
And dad with his boys
See what I mean by a cute family…
They sure make it look easy!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to take your pictures, for setting an example of how to be an awesome family and especially for being those special kind of friends!

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