15 Minutes of Fame

Yesterday I had an OB appointment.  Overall everything is good.  My belly measured normal, we heard the heartbeat, and she was feeling around trying to find out where his head was and couldn’t feel it so she got out the ultrasound machine.  Which means I got a quick peek at our little guy!  Sorry I don’t have any pictures to share, she didn’t print any up.  It was just a brief look to see where he was positioned and he is head down, his torso is on the left side of my belly and his feet and hands are stretching out towards the right side of my belly.  Same position as the last ultrasound.  She predicted that he is probably 5 lbs right now and said we most likely will not have a small baby, which is what we’ve been told from the beginning and is normal for my height.  All is well…

We talked about my weight, since it did jump a bit since my last appointment.  I was honest and admitted that my diet has been absolutely horrible these last few weeks.  I have been so careful and eating really healthy all throughout this pregnancy but this past month has been pretty bad.  Mainly because we are so busy that we are rarely ever home for dinner which means eating take out on the go, or when we are home, we’re too exhausted to cook so we order a pizza, or pick up some more bad take out.  Plus I’ve developed a sweet tooth that I never had before which is not so helpful.  I know all that needs to stop, it’s been bugging me in the back of my mind.  She was not too worried, but just told me to keep an eye on it.  I also told her that my wedding ring has become uncomfortable to wear due to my fingers swelling and yesterday was the first day that I didn’t wear my ring, she checked my legs and noted that I do have a little bit of swelling which also contributes to the extra weight gain. So it begins…

She also asked me if I was feeling any contractions.  I haven’t felt any contractions yet, but definitely braxton hicks. In fact I felt several of them yesterday.  She told me if I have more than 6 in 1 hour to go to triage and get checked out to be sure I am not in early labor.  Then she proceeded to tell me that I need to slow down…and rest…That is really hard for a person like me to do.  I am not the kind of person who will ask for help nor do I feel comfortable resting while someone else is working around me.  On top of that as I mentioned before our schedules are kind of insane right now, just like everyone else this time of year and I am trying to wrap things up at work so I feel comfortable starting my maternity leave which has been a big added stress.  She kept repeating herself telling me to slow down and r.e.l.a.x. so I need to find a way to do just that, I don’t know how, but I’ll try. I’m afraid if I don’t she’ll put me on bed rest and that will be even worse!

On my way out of the office I didn’t stop to make my next appointment since I have all my appointments already booked until my due date, so I smiled and waved good bye at the receptionist and she stopped me.  I went over to talk to her and she asked me if I had professional maternity photos taken (Side note: I found our photographer by the pictures she has on display in the office) I said yes, I did.  She grabbed the stack of the photographers business cards from the counter and pulled out a bunch that that had our picture on them.  She said I thought that was you…we all love the pictures!  So we are famous, at least in my doctors office 🙂

Here’s the front and back of the business/referral card:


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