Baby Morpher

We’ve had a lot going on since our last update… December is in full swing and we have been busy with baby showers, holiday parties, childbirth preparation classes, fundraisers, etc…I ordered my Christmas cards and did all my Christmas shopping online this year, I love Amazon!  I really enjoy going to the stores during the holiday season, it is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.  But this year we really, truly do not have a free day to do that.  It makes me a little sad, but I also feel good that everything is ordered and all I have to do is wrap it when it arrives, hopefully they will all arrive before December 24th as promised!

On the baby front, there’s not much new to report.  He is active as always and with the help of my mom we’ve been putting the final touches on the nursery, washing the clothes, blankets and putting everything together.  You may have noticed that the blog header has changed as well as some of the pictures in about us, we got our maternity photos!  I love the way they came out, I will do another post later and show you all of them.

One thing that Justin and I often talk about is what we think our baby will look like.  I got an email from that introduced the Baby Morpher tool on their website.  So for fun I uploaded a picture of us and it showed us what our baby will look like according to them.  Here are the results:



Hmmmm, what do you think?

It’s a cute baby but I’m sure baby Frisco will be cuter!

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