For a few months I’ve been feeling some rhythmic movement in my lower abdomen and never quite knew what it was, I guess I assumed that baby Frisco already had his coordination down and was practicing some kind of tap dance routine for his big debut???  Until a while back someone asked me if I started feeling hiccups yet? Ah ha! It dawned on me, that’s what it is. There are some times when there is no movement except for the hiccups and other times he is squirming the entire time he has the hiccups, I don’t blame him I squirm when I have the hiccups too, it is kind of annoying.

Last night I was wide awake as usual and when I finally lied down to go to sleep, the hiccups started.  Really…the entire time we were watching a movie earlier he was still, while I was getting ready for bed, he was napping, while I sat in bed talking to Justin watching TV and waiting for sleep to take over he didn’t move at all.  Once I turned out the light and snuggled under the sheets, he woke up…with the hiccups.  Guess it wasn’t time for me to go to bed yet.  So I started thinking, there are so many remedies for getting rid of hiccups like holding your breath, scaring them out of you, drinking water from the opposite side of the cup while bending over, etc…which led me to thinking, how do you get rid of hiccups while the baby is in the womb?  I am sure if you asked Google they would give you all kinds of suggestions, but I actually think it is cute and don’t mind it (even if it keeps me up at night).  It gives me reassurance that all is well.  Even Justin gets a kick out of feeling the rhythmic movements and seeing my belly jump every few seconds.  It’s a whole new world we are exploring these days!

I had an OB appointment today and all is well. She measured my belly and we listened to his heartbeat and everything measures/sounds great!  We chatted for a few minutes and she sent me on my way. I go back in 2 weeks.  It’s kind of crazy that I wait 30-45 minutes to see the doctor for a quick 5-10 minute visit.  But I guess when you are a normal boring pregnant patient that is the norm, and I’ll take normal and boring over complicated and interesting when it comes to this pregnancy!

And here’s a 32 week 5 day belly shot from my point of view!

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