Two days after Easter, Jacob started coughing and sneezing and ended up with a full blown head cold.  Other than a mild fever and a day or two of a runny nose (which I’m sure was teething related) Jacob has not been sick.  So now he has had his first real cold. Of course a couple of days later when he started feeling better I got it and then I think I either gave it back to him or he relapsed. But man, I remember the days when I could call in sick to work and rest in bed when I was not feeling well.  Not anymore! Thankfully, Jacob still had a pretty good temperament when he was sick so I was not dealing with any major mood swings.  He was actually very cuddly and wanted to be held all the time, which I loved, except when I was trying to get something done. Being sick didn’t really disrupt Jacob’s nighttime sleep, except it was heartbreaking hearing him cough through the night.  It was hard to try and play with him or keep him entertained while all I wanted to do was close my eyes or stand in the hot steaming shower to relieve my congestion. I did get a small break over the weekend when Justin took Jacob to meet his parents for lunch in Temecula.  I spent the entire time they were gone dozing on the couch.  Anyway, for people who don’t get sick often, it was a doozy! Now, other than the lingering dry cough, we are both much better.  Not looking forward to Jacob bringing home all those germs when he starts school, ugh!

On a more exciting note, Jacob has been walking now for about a week and a half.  Of course the first couple of days he was a clumsy klutz falling over after ever few steps.  But now he is more and more sure footed and is picking up speed.  I’ll get some pictures of him walking up here soon to share.

Also, sometime in the middle of being sick and learning how to walk, one of Jacob’s molars popped through.  He won’t let me look in his mouth anymore so I’ve had a hard time looking for new teeth.  But I have noticed him chewing on some of his hard plastic toys and a couple of days ago I had my finger in his mouth getting something out that he put in and surprised myself when I almost sliced my finger open on his molar.  Sheesh, those teeth are sharp!  I think he is working on the other side now because he is back to chewing and is really biting down hard on things.

Generally Jacob has always been such a fantastic eater.  He recently went through a picky phase where all he wanted to eat was bananas, yogurt and cheese. He would eat a little bit of other things here and there, but not much.  Looking back I think it was leading up to his cold and cutting his molar so he was probably just not feeling well.  But now his appetite is back in full force and I feel like he is eating more than before.  And he will eat pretty much anything I give him, or at least try a few bites before deciding he doesn’t want something.  He eats more than I do and I sometimes wonder how I am going to keep him full when he is a teenager!

We have a really, really busy week next week, so I probably won’t post anything next week.  But I’ll be back soon with more stories and pictures.

To end this post here are some pictures of our recent visit with Oma, to celebrate her 91st birthday!

IMG_7753ed IMG_7730ed

Jacob loves to play with her wooden blocks

IMG_7718edOr more specifically, he loves to knock them down! IMG_7720ed

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  1. Oh my goodness, he’s looking so much older – I love his haircut. So great he still has a great grandma to visit!! Can’t wait to see him (and you) when I come down next month!!! xoxoxo

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