The Haircut

When Justin was a baby he had blonde curly hair.  Since Jacob has his daddy’s dark eyes I was hoping he would inherit his curly hair too.  And I love the look of casual, long(ish) hair on little boys, especially if there are curls. But I think Jacob has inherited my straight hair.  And other than a simple trim in the front to keep the hair out of his face we have not yet given Jacob a haircut.  Which has resulted in  long wispy hair and it was getting to the point where I could make a ponytail in the back.

One day when we were coming out of the grocery store, there were some girl scouts selling cookies and they were cooing over Jacob saying how cute he was (of course he had flashed a smile and was waving at them) one of the girl scouts said to us as we were leaving “What’s her name?” and Justin casually said “Jacob“, the look of confusion and then shock on her face was pretty funny.

One evening, Jacob and I were having dinner out at a restaurant and an older couple sat down at the table across from us.  They were enamored with Jacob and kept saying how cute “she” was and the man kept saying how they had all grandsons and no granddaughters and he just loved little girls, etc, etc, etc…They were so adorable how they were drooling over him (of course he was smiling and waving away to them as well) that I didn’t have the heart to correct them and just played along thinking we would end our conversation soon. They ended up chatting away and playing with Jacob throughout the entire meal and I eventually called him by name several times and when they asked me questions about him I started with the word “he…” and I briefly saw it register with the man when he realized his mistake.

So many people that I meet always say it is obvious he is a boy, and he is usually wearing obviously boy clothes.  Although some colors such as, grey/yellow/red/white could go either way.  And looking back on both of those incidences he was wearing yellow one time and red the other.  Then one day we were at the grocery store, where they all know us since we are there all the time, and the produce guy asked if Jacob would like a balloon to play with while we shopped.  I said “Sure that would be great!”  and he came back with a pink balloon…Now maybe there is a perfectly good explanation, like they had an excess of pink balloons they were trying to get rid of, or maybe before it was inflated it looked red, or maybe he was color blind??? Anyway, after that I decided it was time for a haircut.  Luckily, Justin’s parents were already planning to come for a visit a few days later and Papa J knows his way around a hairstyle, so he brought his scissors and Jacob got his first haircut!

Jacob sat on his daddy’s lap and we gave him a toy to play with


The first few minutes were no big deal to Jacob, but Justin was getting used to the scissors flying in front of his face 🙂

IMG_7436ed IMG_7443ed IMG_7465ed

Then he realized that his Papa J was doing something to him


And tried to put a stop to it


But Papa J quickly distracted him with his playful antics

IMG_7493ed IMG_7495ed

Then Jacob kept reaching for Papa J’s spray bottle


Which of course he got, along with a cookie in his mouth


And that kept him entertained for a while

IMG_7517ed IMG_7522ed

Especially after daddy showed him how to press down to make it spray

IMG_7546edAnd then he spied his Nonnie with the cookies


And the spray bottle lost it’s magic


After getting a cookie, Papa J was able to quickly finish his work

IMG_7561ed IMG_7574edThe result is a happy little guy

IMG_7557edIMG_7572ednew things to play with

IMG_7576ed IMG_7579edand a haircut that turned my baby into a little boy

IMG_7581edThanks Papa J!

4 thoughts on “The Haircut

  1. Funny how that first haircut makes them look SO much older all of a sudden!! I really can’t believe people thought he was a girl, tho, despite clothes colors! He was all baby boy to me and now is ‘little boy’!! He’s adorable any way he looks! Miss y’all!!

  2. Love the pictures! He is all of a handsome boy and looks it. Thank you for the great pics which let me see Jeff as young as he is! Now how about a picture of Joyce?
    Don’t the two of you ever age? Justin looks just like I remember him from years ago.
    Sending all of you lots of love.

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