I remember a conversation with some friends over dinner a few years back where we were talking about some of the biggest stresses on a marriage.  Big changes in your life that can affect your relationship, such as finances, jobs, moving and kids.  We talked about how those things are a part of everyone’s life, but it is how you handle those changes and the importance of working together as a team with your spouse to transition through these changes that makes all the difference in the world.

This has been a big year of changes for us.  We started the year with a bang with the arrival of Jacob in our family.  Once we got settled into that new normal, I went back to work, working from home and going into the office one day a week.  We then got adjusted to that new routine.  A couple of months ago we made the decision that I was not going to work at all and be a full time stay at home mom.  It is something that we ultimately knew was going to happen sometime anyway, but a part of me didn’t want to let go of that part of my identity (and the extra income was a bonus too).  I always said when we had kids I wanted to be at home with them, but it was hard for me to let go of my job.  I was a little surprised at how difficult it was to make this decision and how emotional it was.

I left my office the same month I was hired 10 years ago…As I look back on those 10 years there are so.many.memories.  I learned so much about the research industry and business in general. I grew as a person in my personal and professional life.  My doctors do wonders in the field of Allergy and Asthma and in our community as well.  They work so hard to teach other physicians, patients and the staff working for them.  My co-workers are wonderful people and have become like an extended family.  Granted it was not always easy and there were some bumps and frustrations along the way, but that is a part of life and you will encounter those things anywhere you go. The good memories far outweigh the frustrating ones.  I love the silliness that comes with dressing up for Halloween, themed parties or simply just to dress up period (my office LOVES costumes!), I love how a requirement for all our holiday parties (or any office party for that matter) is a dance floor and good music.  I love how everyone is there to celebrate the good times in life like birthdays, weddings, babies, and that they are always there with a hug and words of encouragement during the hard times.

When I was hired I never thought I would be there for 10 years, but when I look back at the memories I know exactly why I was, and man those years flew by!  As hard as it was to leave both my office and my identity in the working world, I am so thankful that I am able to be at home with our little man and I am excited to for this journey in life as a full time momma!  We worked SO hard for this family and I am going to soak it all up.  I am also thankful that I have a husband who is supportive and that we can work together as a team through these changes.

And because I can’t do a post without a photo…Here’s Jake taking a bath in grandma’s big bathtub at the cabin.  He still LOVES his bath time 🙂

IMG_4005ed IMG_4009ed IMG_4018ed

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