I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything and I guess I don’t really have any major news to share.  So I’ll tell you all about our Halloween!  We celebrated lots of different ways.  First, was the Saturday before Halloween, we went to a costume party at a friends house.  The hostesses birthday is on Halloween, so this is obviously her favorite holiday and she pulls out all the stops when it comes to decorating, food, drinks and of course candy.  We were so busy the month before we didn’t really have time to put much thought or effort into a cool costume.  So, Justin decided to go as James Bond in honor of the new Skyfall movie coming out, but he said he was the Sean Connery James Bond not Daniel Craig.  He put on his tuxedo that he got his freshman year of college (it was pretty impressive that he still fit into it, or maybe he finally grew into it 🙂 ) He bought a bow tie and completed the look with a Martini Glass.  He tried to convince me to go as a Bond girl.  I told him they have yet to cast a pregnant woman as a Bond girl and I was not going to put on a skimpy outfit with 4 inch heels and my belly hanging out, sorry.  So I went the easy route and ordered a pregnancy Halloween shirt.  I did take my camera to the party but did not really feel like taking pictures, so all I have is this iPhone shot of the 3 preggos at the party.
On the actual day of Halloween we both went to work.  Our work environments are so different when it comes to this holiday.  At Justin’s office no one dresses up or even does anything to celebrate the occasion.  My office however…well let’s put it this way, we have a lot of kids for patients so it’s really fun for them to come to their doctors office and everyone is dressed up.  But in reality, the doctors I work for are just big kids at heart and love to dress up, sing, dance and do anything that involves large amounts of fun and Halloween is just one of the ways they can do that.  It makes for a fun day at the office!  My co-workers bring in their kids and grandkids so we can all ohhh and ahhh over their costumes as they trick or treat from office to office.  All of us girls in the research department tend to do group theme costumes.  One year we were all Disney Princesses, one year we were doing a cat study so everyone dressed up as a cat.  This year we were scrabble (or Words with Friends) tiles.  We spelled out many little words, but altogether we were AWESOME!
Here’s our group
My shirt was a hit
When we first bought our house and Halloween came around I got a Costco sized bag of candy, carved some pumpkins, put some scary movies on TV and I was ready for the trick and treaters.  We didn’t get a single one. Not.a.single.one. I was so bummed!  I asked around my neighbors who had lived here for a while and they said that the kids go to the shopping centers or to the bigger houses for the candy.  So I learned my lesson.  Since then we’ve always gone to friends houses who live in trick or treating neighborhoods for the evening.  This year was especially fun, because I was thinking that this time next year I was going to have a 9 month old.  He wont be walking yet, but I’m sure he’ll be crawling and I get to dress him up and parade him around, I can’t wait!

Hope your Halloween was fun!

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