Fulfilled promise

My mom is still very close with her best friend growing up.  I have lots of fun memories when I was young of all the time our families spent together over the years.  The youngest of Lynn’s 4 children got married at the beginning of November so we drove to Bakersfield for the happy occasion.  Papa J and Nonnie came with us and had a great time babysitting Jacob at the hotel, while we went to the wedding with my parents, so it was a bit of a date night for us.


It was an absolutely beautiful wedding!  You can see pictures of it here and here.  The next day we all went to Lynn’s house for brunch and visited for a while, afterwards, we got back on the road again and drove to Paso Robles.  It had been three years since we were last in Paso Robles celebrating my 30th birthday and I’ve been wanting to go back. There was a time when Jacob was not taking the bottle…I was getting frustrated and discouraged, and to keep me motivated to continue to work with Jacob to take a bottle, Justin made a promise that we would go back to Paso and go wine tasting once he did. So this trip was a bit of a late celebration for us!  We visited our favorite places and discovered some new ones as well.  Jacob was a good sport and enjoyed crawling all over the tasting room floors.

IMG_3672edJustin decided that Jacob needed a little facial hair to match his daddy.




IMG_3698edJacob was napping while we were tasting at J. Dusi, when he woke up we went outside to take in the pretty scenery and play around before heading off to the next winery.


This little cart reminded us of all the ones we saw during our trip to Tuscany.

IMG_3768ed IMG_3772edIMG_3786ed

There was a giant oak tree which made for a fun backdrop

IMG_3791ed IMG_3799edAfter a couple of days, my parents left to go home to get started on their kitchen remodel and we stayed one more day.  We choose a road on the map that we have never been down before and stopped to visit the wineries in the area.  Not only does Paso Robles have some fantastic wines but the country is beautiful!  It is a must to visit a place up on a hill to take in the view.

IMG_3809edA beautiful wedding, fantastic wine and fun times with family made for a wonderful trip and  a fulfilled promise

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  1. As usual, some great photos!!
    You’ve got me really excited about visiting the wineries in that area! Please promise, y’all will make a trip up and show me around!! xoxo

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