We have a lot to be thankful for, our family, friends, health, home, job and so much more… Of course this year, I kept thinking about how thankful we are to have this happy, healthy and pretty stinkin’ cute little guy.

IMG_4571bwEvery year we spend Thanksgiving at Justin’s parents house.  The day before Thanksgiving we had a quiet evening entertaining Jacob (or rather he was entertaining us!)

IMG_4565bwHe loved having new territory to cover and different things to get into

IMG_4548edIMG_4552edIMG_4554edAnd of course his GiGi is always game to play with him


And sing him songs


After a good nights sleep, Jacob was ready to celebrate Thanksgiving

IMG_4608ed IMG_4610ed

He was busy getting everyone’s drinks ready for them

bartender Jake-ed

We attempted to get a family photo for a Christmas card, but clearly Jacob was not into it, he was ready for his nap!

IMG_4628edApollo can always be found in the kitchen while you are cooking, looking for things that are accidentally (or purposely) dropped on the floor. It is like a game to him, to see how quickly he can snatch up the food, sometimes he gets it before it even hits the ground. So on these holiday occasions, it is like the Superbowl in Apollo’s book, especially when it comes to Papa J’s cooking! Turkey anyone??


And it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without an attempt to get a picture of all the dogs

IMG_4641edCompared to years in the past, we had a small gathering this year.  I enjoy the more intimate gatherings since it gives you a chance to really talk with everyone.  However, there were so many people that we missed getting to see.  Regardless, we had a good time and Jacob enjoyed his first Thanksgiving!

IMG_4633edIMG_4670ed IMG_4675ed IMG_4678edMy babies!

IMG_4683edHope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. All the pictures are great. I love seeing your little guy grow up. It was also great to see you and Justin at the Holiday party.

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