Now that I got my November pictures up…and Christmas is next week (yikes!!) I guess I better get some Christmas spirit up on this blog.

The first week of December the wonderful shopping center by our house that did the Halloween Extravaganza, had a Holiday Celebration with Santa. This being Jacob’s first Christmas, there was no way we were missing this.  After dinner we got all bundled up and went to check it out.  It was quite the production!  There were so many people, and kids (and dogs) everywhere.  They were giving out hot chocolate, there were Christmas carolers on the stage singing away.  The Marine Corps were there collecting toys for the Toys for Tots foundation.  There was a laser light show and of course a huge Christmas tree.

Christmas ed

The main attraction of the night was Santa Claus, we got there about 10 minutes before the event started and there was already a line forming to see Santa. When I saw the amount of people there we didn’t waste another minute and got right in line.  Santa was escorted to the event by the fire department and arrived in big red firetruck with its lights flashing.  Once he made his way to his chair the line moved pretty quickly.  Jacob was so distracted by the lights and people and cameras I don’t think he even realized where he was.

IMG_4730edThen he started looking around and finally looked up at Santa


He just took him in studying his face trying to figure out who the heck he was and why there was all this hoopla surrounding him.


Then we were quickly ushered on so the next kid in line could have his turn.  This year, I’d say Santa was a success…we’ll see what happens next year!

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