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A few weeks ago when I was walking out of the bank I saw fliers on the counter for our community Holiday Celebration and we had so much fun at this event last year I didn’t want to miss it this year, so I grabbed a flier, stuck it in the basket under the stroller and continued on with my errands.  When I got home I pulled out the flier, put the date & time in my calendar on my phone, set a reminder and pinned the flier on the bulletin board in the kitchen.  The next night…I was cooking dinner and while I was stirring some rice on the stove I was looking up at all the things I have on the bulletin board and my eyes stopped on the flier.  I kept staring at the picture of the little boy sitting on Santa’s lap…then it dawned on me that the boy was Jacob!  I couldn’t believe it!  I remember I signed a waiver after he sat on Santa’s lap last year because the photographer and other people working the event said he was so cute and so good with Santa they wanted to use the pictures for advertising.  I signed the waiver and pretty much forgot about it.  Until now.

D8-195 Santa_sign_22x28 copy

It was kind of fun walking around the shopping center in the next few weeks and seeing his face on all the fliers in every store and the big posters outside.  On the morning of the event I had some errands to run at the shopping center so I grabbed my camera so I could take some pictures of Jake next to the Christmas tree.  It was the tail end of a big rainstorm (at least big by San Diego standards) so it was cool and still sprinkling.


The tree was of no interest to him, he was having more fun splashing in the puddles and sticking his tongue out to catch the raindrops.


Then it was all about the birds and he kept watching them, waving at them and waiting for one to land on the ground so he could chase it.

IMG_1735ed IMG_1739ed

I was able to direct his attention to one of the posters he was in.


See mom…I’m right there!


That evening, we went back and listened to the carolers, waved at the marines who were collecting toys for the Toys for Tots foundation, watched Santa arrive in a firetruck and then we stood in line to sit on his lap.  I really wasn’t sure what he would do this year.  He didn’t cry, but just kept reaching out for me and saying “momma” the entire time.

I don’t think he will be on next year’s advertisement!

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