A little silliness

Hope you all had a great Christmas!  I have some catching up to do on this blog so I am going to start here…

Christmas is my favorite holiday and having a little one around makes it even more fun. Part of the fun is starting some new traditions.  Last year we got some Christmas costumes from Justin’s parents and this year we added to them, got a bigger outfit for Jacob and took some new pictures.

I am realizing that even though I do love my camera, I do not get along with the self timer and tripod. Every time I use those two things the pictures never come out.

The main culprit it the focus…here we are a little blurry.


Then when we get a better focus the camera is not as secure on the tripod and moves down cutting our heads off. I bet Jacob had a huge smile on his face for this one too!


After fixing the camera so it is pointing up, we ended up being off centered.


Oh well, it is the effort that counts right.  It was a fun few minutes and Jacob was surprisingly going along with it and having fun. Although I am sure the dog would prefer to be left out of this silliness, he doesn’t look like he’s having much fun.


We will see what happens next year!









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