Christmas festivities

We had a bit of a rough start to Christmas this year.  A week before Christmas Jake was running a high fever for two days, then once the fever broke, he had a cold complete with a runny nose, croupy cough, no appetite, little to no naps, restless nighttime sleep, and grumpy mood swings.  Jake has only had a couple of colds prior to this one and they only lasted around 3 days and he has never lost his appetite and his symptoms were never this intense, poor guy was hit with a doozy this time around.  In the middle of all this Justin left to go to his parents a few days before Christmas to help them move into a new house, and my mom came here since we had planned to make my grandma’s pecan sweet rolls for Christmas morning, a family tradition, before leaving to go to my parents cabin to spend Christmas.  We got the rolls made and Justin’s parents moved, but delayed going to the cabin for a day and a half hoping that Jake would get better (and that my mom and I wouldn’t get sick!).  Even though Jake still was not 100% better we figured the worst (and most contagious) part of it was probably over so we loaded up the car and drove to my parents cabin. Over the next few days, we made lists, went shopping for food, continued to help Justin’s parents get settled, Justin saw some clients in the desert and one night we took a break from it all and went to the Living Desert for the Wild Lights.  It was a fun night of sipping coffee/hot chocolate while strolling around looking at the lights, the village with the trains running through (Jake’s favorite), a giant Rudolph and a ride on the carousel.

Wildlights2 IMG_3072 Wildlights1

The next day my mom drove in to pick up Oma and brought her to the cabin and we started the process of cooking and baking to prepare for Christmas Eve dinner.  At this point Jake was better but still trying to get rid of his cold, we were slathering him with Vick’s Vapo Rub, running a humidifier while he slept and trying to roll with his mood swings.  On Christmas Eve Justin’s parents and grandma came to the cabin.  It was a blustery cold day, at one point we looked outside the window and saw Apollo helping out by holding down the tablecloth on the table outside so it wouldn’t blow away.

IMG_3093Jacob is one lucky guy to have such wonderful grandparents who love him dearly and spoil him rotten.

IMG_1801ed IMG_1800edBut it really warms my heart to see him with both his great grandmothers.  Jake loves his Oma and GiGi!

IMG_1794edJake is not really content just hanging out and playing in the house anymore, he is much happier when he’s outside so he can explore, especially when he knows grandpa has a tractor outside.


And he likes to kick the ball around for the dogs

IMG_1820edTo keep him busy inside the house we started letting him open presents

IMG_1806ed IMG_1829ed IMG_1832ed IMG_1836ed IMG_1838ed

After we had dinner, we gave Jake a bath thinking it would be an early bedtime since he had not been sleeping well due to his cold and was getting a little grumpy.  But after his bath he turned into his usual fun, giggly, playful self so we let him stay up for dessert and to open some more presents.

IMG_1856ed IMG_1861ed

I’ll be back soon with more on our little elf on Christmas Day.

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